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Europe Youth Top-10 - 15 Oct 2015

Three days of fierce battles in Buzau

Best juniors and cadets at the Old Continent will fight for the titles at the ROMSTAL 2015 Europe Youth Top 10


The ROMSTAL 2015 Europe Youth Top 10 commences at Friday 16th October. In three days, best juniors and cadets at the Old Continent will fight for the titles in boys and girls categories.


Alexandre CASSIN of France topped the list of the Europe’s top juniors. Last year French player won second place in Tours and he also clinched silver at the European Youth Championships earlier this year in Bratislava. In France Filip ZELJKO of Croatia clinched top prize, whilst in Slovakia Anton KALLBERG succeeded to the gold in singles. Player who won bronze in Tours Can AKKUZU is no. two seed in Romania. On lower positions are: Dennis KLEIN of Germany, Darko JORGIC of Slovenia, Konstantin CHERNOV of Russia, Aliaksandr KHANIN of Belarus, Bence MAJOROS of Hungary, Alexandru MANOLE of Romania, Romain RUIZ of France and Andreas LEVENKO of Austria. LEVENKO won bronze at the European Youth Championships in Slovakia.


The substitutes are: Deni KOZUL of Slovenia, Tomas POLANSKY of Czech Republic, Joe SEYFRIED of France and Ibrahim GUNDUZ of Turkey.


European champion from Slovakia, Romania’s Adina DIACONU is the top seed in the Junior Girls Event. She won silver last year in France at Top 10, but as a Cadet. Natalia BAJOR of Poland, who has clinched the bronze in Tours is seeded no. two. The list goes on with Alena LEMMER and WAN Yuan of Germany, Maria MALANINA and Daria CHERNOVA of Russia, Alina NIKITCHANKA and Daria TRIGOLOS of Belarus, Marie MIGOT of France and Lisa LUNG of Belgium.


The substitutes are Alina ZAHARIA, Andreea CLAPA and Diana LUPU, all of Romania.


Most successful cadet at the European Youth Championships, last year’s champion in Tours as well, Cristian PLETEA of Romania is the highest ranked player on duty in the Cadet Boys Singles in Romania. Last year silver medalist from Top 10, Irvin BERTRAND of France is no. two seed, followed by Romania’s Rares SIPOS, Medardas STANKEVICIUS of Lithuania, Truls MOREGARD of Sweden, Cristian CHIRITA of Moldavia, Artem DVOYNIKOV of Russia, Matteo MUTTI of Italy, Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS of Greece, Damien LLORCA of France. Substitues are: XU Jannik of Germany, Jules ROLLAND of France, Tom EISE of Germany, Leo DE NODREST and Lilian BARDET of France and Carlo ROSSI of Italy.


Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania will have heavy task to defend her title clinched in 2014. The challengers are Christina KALLBERG of Sweden, Anastasia KOLISH of Russia, Leili MOSTAFAVI and Lucie GAUTHIER of France, Zdena BLASKOVA of Czech Republic, Elina RUB and Ekaterina ZIRONOVA of Russia, Emma MARN of Croatia, Ellen HOLMSTEN of Sweden.


The substitutes are: Prithika PAVADE of France, Tatiana KUKULKOVA of Slovakia, Ecaterina SMIGANOVSKAIA of Moldova and Tania PLAIAN of Romania.

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