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Development - 13 Oct 2015

The capital of Azerbaijan hosted training camp

Baku was home of ITTF/ PTT Level 1 course


From 13 until 20 of September, organized under the auspices of Azerbaijan Ministry of Sport and National Federation, self – founded course and training camp was successful done in Baku.


During the 5 days long course, in the total of 30 working hours, 24 was dedicated to syllabics of ITTF Coaching Manual and additional 6 hours for Para Table Tennis.


“We had two sessions per day: theory, practical sessions were mixed with video demonstration, multi-balls sessions and physical preparation part. We received very warm welcome and great attitude for work. Total of 30 participants from 9 cities of Azerbaijan were presented, 13 female coaches attended the course,” explained Aleksey YEFREMOV.


The venue of ITTF Course was the Table Tennis Center of Azerbaijan Table Tennis Association with 10 tables, 500 table tennis balls, and containers for multi ball training, screen, projector, and white board. For theory sessions we use very comfortable conference room.


“ We had coaches of different ages and experience, but the interest was the same, all coaches really enjoined rallies with racket and ball, games like “Rollerball”, ”Hoop knockout”, “Transfer the ball”, “Cricket”, “Target serving game”, “Top the table” etc,” added YEFREMOV.


Para Table Tennis part included Technical and Theory aspects: classification of 11 classes of Para table tennis players, history and rules of Para Table Tennis. “


“At the first and last day of the Course and training camp Fazil MAMMADOV, Vice president of Azerbaijan Table Tennis Association was presented. After closing ceremony we had a very productive discussion about Development and Education and Training programs. Also almost all of sessions were attending by General Secretary of Azerbaijan Table Tennis Association, Sabuhi MEHDIZADE, who was involved in all organization issues at maximum.

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