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Other Events - 12 Oct 2015

Sandra PAOVIC is playing in Vejle

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

ITTF 2015 Para Table Tennis European Championships


The ITTF 2015 Para Table Tennis European Championships commenced today in Vejle, Denmark with the matches in Singles. Singles competitions will continue until Wednesday 14th October, with the team competitions beginning on the Thursday 15th October.

For the first time ever, matches will be streamed live from the ITTF 2015 Para Table Tennis European Championships.

The first day of the competition will be comprised of 249 matches across all 11 classes, with every registered athlete competing.

Among the favorites are: Sandra PAOVIC of Croatia and Anonina KHODZYNSKAYA of Ukraine, ranked first and sixth respectively in class 6. All of the top 7 world ranked women in class 6 are present at the European Championships, making this one of the most highly-ranked competitive classes.

Natalia PARTYKA, of Poland, will be returning to the European Championships after a hiatus in 2013 following her gold medal in 2011. She will also be returning to Para competition for the first time since her World Championships title win in September 2014.

This year’s European Championships participants span over 57 years of age. Sebastian Brandal VEGSUND, of Norway, is the youngest athlete competing at 14 and Finland’s Matti LAUNONEN is the oldest at 71 years of age. Stipo JOZIC, of Bosnia, Filip RADOVIC, of Montenegro, and Nuno Jose Pontes BRANDAO, of Portugal, are each flying their flags high as the sole representatives of their countries.

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