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Europe Youth Top-10 - 22 Oct 2015

Marie MIGOT returned in the big style

“People forgot me, it was strange experience”


After spending one season in Japan, working in their training camp, Marie MIGOT returned to Europe; but just to spent brief time in France before she exchanged her home comfort for a hard working environment in the Werner SCHLAGER Academy in Austria. The efforts, home sick and determination were awarded in Buzau. Being listed only at the penultimate position in Junior Girls Event she had reached the silver at the end.

Marie MIGOT of France, Alina NIKITCHANKA of Belarus and Natalia BAJOR of Poland commenced the last day of the tournament with five wins out of six matches. In the seventh round, MIGOT opened the door for success by beating one of the main adversaries, Alina NIKITCHANKA. In five games duel in which three games concluded by narrowest of margins she prevailed by staying calm and focused.

That word explains exactly her attitude during the competition and she admitted it had to be that way, because she put a lot on stake in Romania.

“I spend the 2013/14 season in National training Center in Tokyo. I worked three months in Japan, then spent 2 weeks at home, before I returned to Japan to do the whole circle again for a four times. I worked with HIRANO, YAMAMOTO, ISHIKAWA, and I have to say she is beautiful person. It is the camp for the players aged 12 to 18 and they have very good system,” explained MIGOT.

She left the Europe as a medal winner, player with the name and rankings.

“Everyone knew me, before I left for Japan, but two years I spent only practicing; no matches, no tournaments at all. I was erased from the rankings, people forgot me. It was strange experience,” admitted MIGOT.

After she returned to Europe, Marie left for WSA.

“BOROS and CEGNAR are doing amazing job there. I am really happy I had a chance to improve my game under NEVEN’s guidance. I also needed good team behind me and I am in STROCK now.”

MIGOT was beaten in Bratislava in the final of the Singles Event in the match against DIACONU; in Romania, he avenged her defeat.

“It was important victory in Buzau. Adina beat me in two European Championships finals; once it was LEMMER.”

She said it was not easy to play at ROMSTAL European Youth Top 10.

“I was prepared for the all matches. I studied all the adversaries who were present here. I scarified two years of my life; I just practiced; I was absent from home; I was absent from the tournaments. That is why I pushed myself hard and I wanted to win every match in Buzau. I wanted to prove it was worthy. Neven CEGNAR taught me it is important to stay focus and that is what I did here in order to accomplish my goal.”

Next step is Polish open and World Championships in France.

“We will play in front of our supporters, but the pressure is the same. I am happy that I will have chance to play at home, but the table and the adversaries are everywhere the same,” said MIGOT at the end.

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