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Europe Youth Top-10 - 16 Oct 2015

Andreea DRAGOMAN showed no mercy

Top seed easily prevailed in three opening rounds


Romania’s main ace in the Cadet Girls Singles Event at the ROMASTAL Europan Youth Top 10 in Buzau, Andreea DRAGOMAN showed no weak point in the three opening rounds, on the first day of the competition.


In the first round she beat Emma MARN of Croatia before she succeeded against Ellen HOLMSTEN of Sweden and Zdena BLASKOVA of Czech Republic.


“I felt great pressure at the beginning of the Event. I knew everyone would look at me here. It is great pleasure and pressure on the same time to play in front of the home crowd. Beside that I faced no difficulties in the playing field against my adversaries. I am just warming up,” said DRAGOMAN.


In the second round it was Croatia’s MARN who was in charge for the upsets. She overcame Elina RUB of Russia.


“I came here as a substitute and every victory is very important for me. I could not do more against DRAGOMAN, she is in superb shape here, but against RUB I seized any opportunity to score,” said MARN.


Zdena BLASKOVA upset the order by beating Leili MOSTAFAVI of France, who also suffered later by the hands of her compatriot Lucie GAUTHIER.


Anastasia KOLISH of Russia recovered from 0:2 against her compatriot Elina RUB to won the third round duel.


“In two opening games I allowed Elina to play her game. She was dictating the rhythm of the match. After that I realized what I was doing wrong. I changed the pace; I slowed down the game. I did not panic; I was focused, even when I was 9:1 down in the fifth game. I managed to win that game 11:9 eventually.”


Due the late withdrawal of the cadet Ekaterina ZIRONOVA of Russia the Jury replaced her with Tania PLAIAN of Romania. First three substitutes Printhika PAVADE of France, Tatiana KUKULKOVA of Slovakia and Ekaterina SMIGANOVSKAIA of Moldova were unavailable. PLAIN will start only from tomorrow and she will play six rounds.


1st Round

Andreea DRAGOMAN (Romania) - Emma MARN (Croatia) 4:2 (11:9, 11:6, 9:11, 9:11, 11:8, 11:4)

Christina KALLBERG (Sweden) - Ellen HOLMSTEN (Sweden) 4:2 (11:7, 8:11, 11:8, 11:9, 16;18, 11:2)

Leili MOSTAFAVI (France) FRA - Zdena BLASKOVA (Czech Republic) 0:4 (5:11, 4:11, 7:11, 11:13)

Anastasia KOLISH (Russia) - Lucie GAUTHIER (France) 4:0 (11:5, 11:7, 11:1, 11:5)

Elina RUB (Russia) - Ekaterina ZIRONOVA (Russia) wo


2nd Round

Andreea DRAGOMAN (Romania) - Ellen HOLMSTEN (Sweden) 4:2 (11:9, 5:11, 11:8, 11:6, 7:11, 11:7)

Christina KALLBERG (Sweden) - Zdena BLASKOVA (Czech Republic) 4:2 (11:3, 11:6, 11:4, 8:11, 7:11, 11:8)

Leili MOSTAFAVI (France) - Lucie GAUTHIER (France) 0:4 (9:11, 6:11, 4:11, 7:11)

Anastasia KOLISH (Russia) - Ekaterina ZIRONOVA (Russia) wo

Elina RUB (Russia) - Emma MARN (Croatia) 1:4 (12:10, 1:11, 9:11, 4:11, 7:11)


3rd Round

Andreea DRAGOMAN (Romania) - Zdena BLASKOVA (Czech Republic) 4:0 (11:6, 11:9, 11:9, 11:7, 14:12)

Christina KALLBERG (Sweden) - Lucie GAUTHIER (France) 2:4 (9:11, 7:11, 7:11, 11:3, 12:10, 8:11)

Leili MOSTAFAVI (France) - Ekaterina ZIRONOVA (Russia) wo

Anastasia KOLISH (Russia) - Elina RUB (Russia) 4:2 (9:11, 7:11, 11:6, 11:1, 11:9, 11:8)

Ellen HOLMSTEN (Sweden) - Emma MARN (Croatia) 4:1 (11:5, 11:5, 10:12, 11;9, 11:6)

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