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Development - 21 Oct 2015

9 players selected from 427 Eurotalents and the Eurominichamps participants



This year’s evaluation and selection cycle for young male and female players born in 2003/2004, carried out during four Eurotalents camps held (2 Pre-Selection camps, 1 Hopes camp and 1 Selection camp), and at the Eurominichamps tournament in Schiltigheim (France), has come to an end.

A total of 427 female and male players participated in this year’s evaluation, and at the end of the completed cycle, 9 players from 6 European countries were selected. It has to be mentioned that some young players (Russia, France, Germany…) who were nominated for the final camp in Otočec (Slovenia) could not attend the camp due to various reasons and thus could not be selected.

At the first Pre-selection camp in Kiskunfélegyháza (Hungary, August 8-15, 2015), there were 32 registered young players from 12 European countries. The camp, which was brilliantly organized, was led by a total of 6 Hungarian coaches and 8 sparing partners and held in excellent training conditions and unbearable heat (36-38 degrees Celsius) that traditionally accompanies us in that city. There were some difficulties in the implementation of the camp activities, due to the fact that there were significant quality differences between the best and the weakest players. Nevertheless, with great number of sparing sessions and 5 tables intended for individual work and many-balls-training, everything ran smoothly. A total of 11 training sessions and an individual three-stage tournament were held.

The second Pre-selection camp was held in Luxembourg (August 23-30, 2015) in cooperation with our long-term partner Chinese College, where our young players were given one more opportunity to work with the most prominent Chinese coaches, Li Xiaodong and Zhang Yining.

The camp was attended by 19 players from 11 European countries, who had excellent conditions to improve their play through a total of 12 training sessions and an individual two-stage tournament.

The final Selection camp was held in Otočec (Slovenia, October 4-11, 2015), with a total of 22 players from 11 European countries registered. Training conditions in the camp were the best so far, with the accommodation, meals and amenities also all up to the highest standard. Based on our 7 evaluation criteria and marks 1 – 10, we selected the best 9 players:

2. Karl HAST (SWE)
3. Leon SANTEK (CRO)
5. Maksymilian MIASTOWSKI (POL)
6. Danijela KARKUSOVA (SRB)
7. Rebecca MUSKANTOR (SWE)
8. Camelia MITROFAN (ROM)
9. Adriana Elena ZAHARIA (ROM)

During each of the aforementioned activities, 2 thematic meetings were held with all the coaches present, who, in addition to being informed about the Eurotalents project, also had the chance to actively participate in discussing professional matters concerning the development of young players in Europe.
Those 9 players will join those 11, selected in 2014. In addition it is going to be organised another Selection camp in 2016 for those who for whatever reason were not present at the camp in Otocec, or were close being selected.

Neven Cegnar, prof.
ETTU Development Manager

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