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Champions League Men - 30 Nov 2015

TTCLM: Chartres flies into 2016

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

The 2013 TTCLM runner-up secured its place in the 2015/16 quarter-final, having all four wins so far in the group stage. Eslovs also has 4-0 but still not safe from Pontoise and Werder


After first four rounds of the 2015/16 TTCLM, Chartres is unique club who can already organize its schedule for the 2016 in this competition, bearing in mind that they booked their place for the quarter-final. The 2012/13 TTCLM runner-up won all four games in Group D which shares with Borussia Dusseldorf, Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Sten Ostrov Havluckov Bord.



Current standings are: Orenburg 3-1, Saarbrucken 2-2, Walter Wels 2-2, Angers 1-3. Reigning TTCLM champion made a big step towards quarter-final, as it beat away Walter Wels 3:0, last Saturday in Austria. The 2011/12 TTCLM semi-finalist Saarbrucken won two games in a row after 0-2 disappointing start, while Walter Wels went to different direction, from 2-0 to 2-2. Russian side is the favorite for the top spot, while Saarbrucken and Walter Wels will meet in the high-stakes clash in the Round 6.

Round 5: Orenburg – Saarbrucken (Dec 4th), Walter Wels – Angers (Dec 5th)

Round 6: Saarbrucken - Walter Wels (Dec 18th), Angers – Orenburg (Dec 18th)



Current standings are: UMMC 3-1, Olimpia Unia 2-2, Niederosterreich 2-2, Hennebont 1-3. Russian club holds destiny in its hands, expecting last two rounds at Verkhnaya Pyshma. Olimpia Unia did a great job beating 2008 champion Niederosterreich 3:0 (Polish side lost in Austria 3:1) in case that both finish with same score after six rounds. All four teams have chances for the quarter-final, even Hennebont who needs two wins in the last two rounds.

Round 5: UMMC – Niederosterreich (Dec 4th), Hennebont – Olimpia Unia (Dec 4th)

Round 6: UMMC – Olimpia Unia (Dec 18th), Niederosterreich – Hennebont (Dec 18th)



Current standings are: Eslovs 4-0, Pontoise 2-2, Werder Bremen 2-2, KTS Energa Manekin 0-4. Actual ETTU Cup winner from Sweden is 90 percent sure, but if they lose their upcoming matches they could spoil everything he did so far. Both, Pontoise and Werder Bremen have chances to reach one of first two positions in the Group C.

Round 5: Werder Bremen – Eslovs (Dec 4th), Pontoise – KTS Energa Manekin (Dec 5th)

Round 6: Eslovs – Pontoise (Dec 18th), KTS Energa Manekin – Werder Bremen (Dec 18th)



Current standings are: Chartres 4-0, Borussia 3-1, Sten Ostrov 1-3, Bogoria 0-4. French club secured its place in the next stage, Bogoria has no any chance for it, while ten times European champion Borussia is very close to progress among the best eight clubs of Old Continent. If Dusseldorf side win against Chartres at home in the Round 5, both quarter-finalists from this group will be determined. In case that Borussia loses both its games and Sten Ostrov wins twice, Czech club must beat Germans better than 3:1 (9:6).

Round 5: Borussia – Chartres (Dec 4th), Bogoria – Sten Ostrov (Dec 6th)

Round 6: Chartres – Bogoria (Dec 18th), Sten Ostrov – Borussia (Dec 18th)


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