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Other Events - 7 Nov 2015

Title for Russia's cadets in Szombathely

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

2015 Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open


Japan A, the no.2 seeds, represented Aoto ASAZU, Takuto IZUMO and Yukiya UDA clinched the title in the Junior Boys’ Team event at the 2015 Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open in Szombathely. In the final they beat Romania's Florin SPELBUS who joined forces with Moldova’s Andrei PUTUNTICA and Vladislav URSU 3:0.

In the penultimate stage the no.19 seeds overcame Austrian combination of Andreas LEVENKO, Thomas GRININGER and Christian FRIEDRICH, whilst Japan beat Chinese Taipei A.
Russia A with Lev KATSMAN and Maksim GREBNEV clinched the title in the Cadet Boys’ Team event. In the final in straight matches they overcame Chinese Taipei B with LIN Yung-Chih and WANG Chien-Chih. They dominated the duel in which their adversary managed to win only one game - in doubles.

In penultimate stage Russia overcame top seeds Chinese Taipei ‘A’ with FENG Yi-Hsin and TAI Ming-Wei. Chinese TAipei B succeeded against Vincent PICARD and Antoine DOYEN of France.

In the final of the Junior Girls’ Team event Chinese Taipei plays against Japan-Taipei combination, whilst in Cadet Girls’ Team event there is no doubt Chinese Taipei will clinch the title. The question is will it be A or B team.

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