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Champions League Women - 2 Dec 2015

ECLW Round 5: Results come down to nuances

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

From Thursday to Sunday ECLW Round 5 will be held: Berlin – Bursa, STROCK – Szekszard, Fenerbahce – Metz, Zamek - Linz


Two times ECLW champion Berlin is quite clear favorite against Bursa, so it could be expected that Turkish side seeks its chance for the second place in Group A in the Round 6 home game against TT Saint-Quentin. Manager of French club Jean-Luis POLARD distinctly explained the strength of German team, after 3:0 defeat of his side in the recent Round 4:


„We knew that it was an impossible task to beat Berlin Eastside, European seeded N°1 with 3 Top 10 players, but the public in Saint-Quentin and our players were delighted and proud to meet such a team. So Saint-Quentin will have to fully recover before going to Bursa on December 18th for a decisive match”.


In the Group B, the 2012 ECLW runner-up SVNO STROCK and Szekszard will fight for each point in Schwechat, because first two places could be determined by narrow margin. Hungarian won 3:1 first match on its soil, thanks to 2013 individual European champion LI Fen.


Reigning ECLW champion hosts Metz TT in the battle for the top spot of Group C. French club won 3:1 first encounter.


„We will play very difficult match against Metz this Sunday. They were always been so difficult opponent for us. Of course we would like to win and take a first position in the group. This time we need to win at least 3-1 with good set ratio”, stated Fenerbahce Manager Gurhan YALDIZ.


Two powerful clubs, involved in many European finals in the last couple of years, will play one against another in Poland: Zamek Tarnobrzeg – Linz AG Froschberg. Actual ETTU Cup winner Zamek beat Austrian team 3:2 (12:8) in the game which was held in Linz. Froschberg. Polish champion has 2-1 score, while Froschberg currently stands on 1-1.


ECLW Round 5


GROUP A: TTC Berlin Eastside – Bursa Buyuksehir (December 4th, 19:15 CET)

GROUP B: SVNO STROCK – Szekszard AC (December 3rd, 19:00 CET)

GROUP C: Fenerbahce – Metz TT (December 6th, 16:30 CET)

GROUP D: Zamek Tarnobrzeg – Linz AG Froschberg (December 4th, 17:00 CET)

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