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Champions League Men - 3 Dec 2015

Borussia vs Chartres – new chapter in big rivalry


Five out of eight TTCLM Round 5 matches will be held tomorrow, as ten times European champion hosts the 2012/13 runner-up


Borussia Dusseldorf and Chartres ASTT will fight tomorrow (Dec 4th, 19:00 CET) for the top spot of TTCLM Group D, continuing their great rivalry from the last couple of seasons. Seven months ago, the Old Continent `s most decorated club overcame French side in the TTCLM semi-final. Timo BOLL contributed with four points in both legs against GAO-less Chartres. In the 2013/14 French team defeated twice Germans, playing also in Group D. One of the most exciting TTCLM showdowns in the last three years was seen in the 2012/13 semis, when Chartres prevailed against Danny HEISTER`s crew thanks to better set ratio (twice 3:1 for host).


Concerning actual season, Chartres faces upcoming clash in the better shape, as unique team who already booked 2015/16 quarter-final. Coach Calin TOMA has combined five players to get 4-0 score: GAO Ning, Robert GARDOS, Par GERELL, Joao MONTEIRO and Alexander ROBINOT. On the other side, Timo BOLL missed three out of four rounds (as well as 3:2 away defeat at Chartres) due to injury, but Borussia managed to keep right course in the Group D, having 3-1 score. Coach Danny HEISTER considers last week victory (3:2) in Poland, against Bogoria, as crucial moment for his side in the group stage. He praised Patrick FRANZISKA who secured two points.


“Patrick (FRANZISKA) had ups and downs in his matches. But he was mentally on a high level and he made the right decisions in crucial moments. He is our man of the match."


Borussia`s Manager Andreas PREUSS agrees with his coach:

“The triumph against Bogoria was essential to us. We are now in a good position for the last two matches to fix the quarter-finals. This match was incredibly important. It was great to see our players fighting for this win."


TTCLM Round 5


Group A

Orenburg – Saarbrucken (Dec 4th, 13:20 CET)

Walter Wels – Angers (Dec 5th, 18:15 CET)


Group B

UMMC – Niederosterreich (Dec 4th, 15:00 CET)

Hennebont – Olimpia Unia (Dec 4th, 19:30 CET)


Group C

Werder Bremen – Eslovs (Dec 4th, 20:00 CET)

Pontoise – Energa Manekin (Dec 5th, 19:45 CET)


Group D

Borussia – Chartres (Dec 4th, 19:00 CET)

Bogoria – Sten Ostrov (Dec 6th, 16:00 CET)

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