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Ranking - 26 May 2015

Patrick FRANZISKA entered Top 10

May's European rankings are available now

At the European rankings in May, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV and Timo BOLL holds the top two positions on Men's list, however at the lower positions in Top 10 there are few changes.
Vladimir SAMSONOV of Belarus took Portugal's Marcos FREITAS position no. 3, whilst from, place no. 8 Panagiotis GIONIS of Greece moved to spot no. 5. Patric BAUM of Germany, Tiago APOLONIA of Portugal and Robert GARDOS of Austria, all moved down for one place. Patrick FRANZISKA of Germany entered the top 10. He moved from position no. 21.
HAN Ying of Germany and LIU Jia of Austria still stands on the top of the Women’s’ Rankings with Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania at the position no. three. LI jie of Netherlands progressed to position no. 6 and SHEN YAnfei of Germany also moved up to Top 8.
At the top of the U21 lists are Simon GAUZY of France and Petrissa SOLJA of Germany. The best ranked Junior Boy is Anton KALLBERG of Sweden, whilst in the Junior Girl's category Adina DIACONU of Romania is at the top. Romania is once again at the top in the Cadet Boys list, with Cristian PLETEA being no. one again. In Girls category Russia's Maria TAYLAKOVA is the best ranked cadet.

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