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Development - 8 May 2015

Eurotalents tested newly opened center in Vila Nova de Gaia

Young players in Vila Nova de Gaia Young players in Vila Nova de Gaia

The first Eurotalents TI&S camp for 11 female and male players, selected in 2014, was held in the newly opened sport center in Vila Nova de Gaia (Oporto).

“The conditions were fantastic. We gathered a total of 8 female and male players, together with 8 Portuguese sparring partners, seniors, juniors and cadets. Two players from the Netherlands and Belgium were absent because of their previously registered participation at the tournament in Linz, as well as one female player from the Czech Republic due to her injury. Our kind hosts, headed by our colleague Tiago VIEGAS, secured excellent training conditions and quality accommodation, as well as many other additional facilities in the center : fitness, sauna, outdoor athletic stadium…” stated Neven CEGNAR Development Manager TI&S.

The main objectives of the camp were: analysis of the current status of automation of the players’ basic technical-tactical elements, analysis of the current status of harmonization between the players’ game concept and their motoric and morphological characteristics and technical improvement of players and advising of their coaches on major guidelines in their future work

“I would like to point out, with the great pleasure, that for the entire duration of the camp we had great support from the organization team of people from Portuguese Table Tennis Federation and 8 hardworking and motivated sparring partners, who helped our young players in the implementation of the camp program. Everyday training program was divided into two group training sessions and one individual training for improving techniques and improving the game in the first two initial shots in the period from 20.00 to 21.30.“

The entire program of the camp was designed focusing on active participation of all the present coaches.“For each training session, I gave the coaches only the basic exercise program units, and, generally, each coach independently held at least one training session during the camp – starting from warming up to the final part of training”.

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