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European Games - 16 Jun 2015

Timo BOLL has to withdraw from the singles’ event

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

“I am keeping my fingers cross for OVTCHAROV in Baku.”

Timo Boll has to withdraw from the singles’ event at the European Games in Baku because of the after-effects of a food poisoning. "I’m feeling too flabby, ate almost nothing for two days. My circulation is down,” he said in the Athletes Village where he shares a flat with his colleagues of the German men’s team. “I am not even able to move even here in our apartment properly. There is no chance I could play in the physical state I am in”. 

He is now focusing on the European Olympic qualification next year from 6 to 10 April in Istanbul, Turkey. "I am not worried that I cannot make it to the Olympics. Here in Baku I am now keeping my fingers crossed for Dima that he gets the direct ticket to Rio," Boll said. 

At the European Games, the winner of the singles’ event directly qualifies for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Thus, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV is the only German representative in men’s singles event. Team-mate Patrick BAUM cannot replace BOLL as this should have already been done on Sunday before the draw. OVTCHAROV'S problems in the lower back (sacroiliac joint), from which he already suffered in the teams’ competition, have improved.

"Treatment will continue," explains German men’s head coach Jörg ROSSKOPF. "It is ideal that he can be looked after by the German doctors’ and physios’ team here almost all around the clock."

His current physical condition was not ideal, because he had recently played many tournaments, but ROSSKOPF assumes "that Dima will play a good tournament here. Whether it can be a very good tournament for him remains to be seen. This will turn out when he has to go through some close seven-games matches". 

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