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European Games - 17 Jun 2015

KARLSSON halted the progress of Jean Michel SAIVE

OVTCHAROV wins in straight games despite injuru

Thanks to painkillers and strong efforts from the medical team Dimitrij OVTCHAROV was fit enough to continue the competition in the Men’s Singles Event at the European Games in Baku.

Pain in the back, caused by the demanding season, slowed down Dimitrij a little, but still, top seeded player from Germany, left the arena with straight games victory against Dimitrij PROKOPCOV of Czech Republic (14:12, 11:6, 11:9, 11:6).

“I was not moving well at the beginning of the match, but as it progressed I was felling better and better,” explained OVTCHAROV. ”I took the advantage of the day- off . Also even on the final day in Team’s Event I have not played in singles. It gave me some extra time for recovery.”

In next round he will meet Adrien MATTENET again. France beat Germany in semi final, but OVTCHAROV overcame MATTENET 3:1.

“Two opening games were close, but last two were difficult. Under other circumstances, free from injury, I would not worry about forthcoming match, but in this case I have to be cautious. Everything will depend of my shape tomorrow.”

MATTENET beat Poland’s WANG Zengyi on his way to the Round of 16.

Another favorite is out Panagiotis GIONIS of Greece no. 5 seed suffered by the hands of KOU Lei of Ukraine.

Kalinikos KREANGA of Greece is back in great style after severe injury that left him out of the game for six months. Today, he beat Romania’s Adrian CRISAN, after he overcame Cedric NUYTINCK day before.
“I was not happy how I played yesterday. I had easier adversary, but I was not at the top of the game. Today, against CRISAN I found my game and despite difficulties I really played good,” explained KREANGA.

In the Round of 16 KREANGA will meet Andrej GACINA.

“I will have to move well for sure. Look at him. He is in perfect shape,” said KREANGA.

There was nothing we could add about GACINA’s shape, since he destroyed any winning aspirations of Niagol STOYANOV of Italy in very effective way. However as his next adversary, GACINA also recovered from recent injury.

“Five days before the World Championships I suffered from a tendon rupture. I was back in the training program only 15 days ago. I am still uncertain about my game,” explained GACINA.

Member of the title winning Team in Baku, Tiago APOLONIA, overcame Marc DURAN of Spain.

“I watched him yesterday against Dane Jonathan GROTH. He was very good. That is the reason why I was very cautious before the match. I started the duel very focused and that helped me to establish 3;0 lead. After that he changed the tactics a bit, narrowed the game, hit few very good points, but I recovered quick,” explained APOLONIA.

Tomorrow he will meet Kristian KARLSSON of Sweden.

“He is one of the few top player who I did not play against. I will have to study his matches tonight.”

KARLSSON halted the progress of Jean Michel SAIVE.

“You do not have opportunity to play against the athlete who is legend in your sport, but you have to forget about it when the match starts. I was exciting because I am going to play against the player I was look up in the past before the duel; in the match I was just focused on tactics. I felt comfortable in smashing and I played aggressive,” explained KARLSSON

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