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European Games - 14 Jun 2015

Germany will meet Netherlands in the final

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

In their style, by winning in straight matches as Germany did, or playing marathons in case of Netherlands, best two teams reached ultimate stage

It seams like nothing can prevent Germany of winning the gold in the Women’s Teams Event at the Inaugurals European Games. After another outstanding performance they booked the place in the ultimate round of the Event. So far, the team secured the medal, but they will face extreme challenge. Netherlands is back in game. After Germany clinched the gold medals in two previous European Championships, Dutch team was untouchable in period between 2008 and 2011. They won four titles in that period.

Czech Republic suffered by the hands of German player in the semi final. HAN Ying beat Iveta VACENOVSKA in the opening duel, losing only a game. 

“I was not completely ready and VACENOVSKA produce few extraordinary rallies. She forced me to change the tactics, to try to adopt on her style of play,” explained HAN. 

Petrisa SOLJA was on duty in the second singles match. She overcame Renata STRBIKOVA.

“Maybe I am little bit more adopt to her style of play then the others. She plays more like man, and I used to have male sparing partners. She is very strong, faster, has very strange and unusual strokes. STRBIKOVA is very dangerous adversary,” explained SOLJA.

However, with the variety of her strokes, SOLJA coped very well. German team covers all the styles, and it gives coach Jie SCHOOP opportunity to focus on next duel.

“When they are playing like they did in past two days I do not have the reason to worry. I am already in the match of the final in my mind.”

Dutch team, as everybody expected, was involved in another thrilling marathon. After LI Jiao and LI Jie succeeded against Margaryta PESOTSKA and Tetyana BILENKO the pendulum swung. Ukraine’s girls Ganna GAPONOVA and BILENKO overcame Britt EERLAND and LI Jiao. EERLAND lost against PESOTSKA, before LI Jie overcame GAPONOVA for the place in the final.

“We expected the things would go that way. Only what was important, was to avoid the 1:1 situation after first two matches; then we will be in great problem. This way, we knew Jie will manage to seal the match,” explained coach Elena TIMINA. 

After short break Netherland is aiming the top of the medal rostrum again. 

“We have so much to offer in terms of variety of our game. Experience of Jie and Jiao now mixed with fantastic improvement of Britt are the winning combination. Britt becomes real professional. When she stands near the table she plays until the last boll. She is giving her maximum in every game, whether she wins or loses. She has someone to teach her, and most important, she wants to learn. The atmosphere in our team pushes us to the top” said TIM

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