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European Games - 13 Jun 2015

Germany starts in furious style

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Women’s Teams Event in Baku 2015 starts with good performance of top favorites

In the quarter final of the Women’s Team’s Event at the Baku 2015 European Games, France will meet Czech Republic and Germany will play against Russia.

France, of all teams in Women’s Event had a less difficult way to the quarters. Azerbaijan, who gained their place as a host nation, failed to halt the progress of European Championships’ quarterfinalists from the Portugal 2014. LI Xue who missed the World Championships in China earlier this year, due the eligibility rules, proved as most valuable player today. She overcame Rufat GULIYEVA before she joined XIANG Yifang in the doubles match to repeat the success. Carole GRUNDISH overcame Maryam IMANOVA on the way to the next round.

“I have enough of experience to overcame pressure at such events. I was not nervous and I was self-confident. I want to reach the gold medal. We had a good preparations,” stated Qatar open semifinalist in singles LI Xue.

Germany also speared a little bit of energy for further duels. European Champions beat Hungary, team who surprisingly reached lower half of the draw list in June according to rankings. The adversary took the best of Germany.

“We were ready even for 3:2 match”, stated Petrissa SOLJA.

“And that is probably the reason why we won 3:0” coach Jie SCHÖPP quickly replied.

SHAN Xiona opened the duel with the match against Dora MADARASZ 3:1.

“I never had played against MADARASZ, so we were very cautious and we talked a lot about the tactics night before. It started good, but in the third game Dora adjusted to my style, she responded better on my rhythm changing, changed her tempo. I was more focused in the fourth game and it went well,” explained SHAN.

In doubles with Petrissa SOLJA, SHAN added another point to German account. Szandra PERGEL and MADARASZ won only first game. “At Qatar open they beat us, so we went through tactical and good mental preparation for this. We had to get over that defeat,” said SHAN. HAN Ying beat Georgina POTA in straight games. “We have not played against each other in past four years, but previously we played a lot in Bundesliga. In two opening games I imposed my rhythm, I played safe and I faced no difficulties,” explained HAN.

SOLJA entered the match in the doubles. “Coach asked me would I be all right with that, since I will not have any action in singles. We agree that I should play, but I was very nervous. Especially since we lost 3:0 in Qatar recently. They are playing very clever, sometimes “dirty”. I also got a lot of support from SHAN. She kept telling me what to do,” stated SOLJA.

None of girls was happy with the morning schedule. Getting up early was not the only thing that made them unhappy. “We missed the Opening ceremony yesterday. However I promised myself to make it up in the future. I will watch the re-run with the two medals from Baku,” promised SOLJA with the smile.

Asked why she was so nervous SOLJA answered: “In German house I always watch the medals and I want to add one of mine.”

Coach Jie SCHÖPP added:” We did not play at the highest level, but I can be happy with the result.”

Hungarian coach Peter TEGLAS was disappointed: “For a first time we were not among top 8 teams, so the draw was ruthless. Against top seeds we had very few chances.”


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