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European Games - 15 Jun 2015

Austria clinched bronze in Baku

Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

Germany played with two players once again

Faster then anyone wanted, the contest for bronze medal finished in favor of Austria. Still without Timo BOLL absent through illness, and with no replacements allowed, Germany was forced to enter the field with only two players at the Men’s Team’s Event at the European Games in Baku. 

Everything was over after first match in which Daniel HABESOHN beat Patrick BAUM.

“It was hard match for everyone. Do not forget that even in this horrible situation Germany beat Sweden and they played very close match against France. Both of their players are better ranked then our players. They are dangerous even under this condition,” explained Robert GARDOS. 

Still, in four of previous five encounters HABESOHN beat Patrick. 

“We had two chances. One was the match between Patrick and Daniel and the other one is doubles for sure. We seized first opportunity,” said GARDOS.

But Robert was far from happy.

“We had a lot of fans who came here to give us support, and what they saw? They gave money to watch the match for bronze medal and saw one singles and one doubles. Probably no one understood what happened down there in the arena.”

HABESOHN confirmed it was very awkward situation.

“It was strange. What if we lose? And still, there were a chance we could. Everyone was nervous. I can say this was the toughest match for me here,” said HABESOHN. “When we saw the draw it worked for us. On top of all OVTCHAROV suffered from back injury.”

After hard situation in Lisbon at the European championship when Patrick BAUM’S father had been killed in road accident immediately prior to the tournament, Patrick FRANZISKA suffered a leg injury in the first stage of the tournament and spent most of the time on crutches; whilst Dimitrij OVTCHAROV was recovering from extensive dental surgery, Germany suffered from bad fate once again.

“Austria deserved the medal and that is one part of the story. The other is that the rules have to be changed. This is the worst scenario. This is the example why the current rules are wrong. They need to change it; both at the Olympic and European Games,” said coach Jorg ROSSKOPF.

Speaking about the team’s draw ROSKOPFF said that his main intention was to put Dimitrij and Patrick together in Doubles so they can have one strong match more together. However he delivered some good news:

“Timo is recovering. I hope he will be on duty on Wednesday in Singles.”

BAUM was tired: ”Past two days were very hard and not only mentally demanding. My muscles hurt. I was slow today in two opening games. My service was too much long and I started bad. I played better from the third game, but it was to late.” 

Dimitrij OVTCHAROV did the math:” In past 6 games we have 6 finals. That is how I feel. In German team we all goes only for gold. We lost last two matches, but do not forget that we beat Sweden even with two man.”

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