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European Youth Championships - 17 Jul 2015

ZATOWKA and DIACONU in good run

Photo: Roman BENICKY

Mixed Doubles already reached semi final stage


The players who will stand at the medal rostrum at the end of the Cadet and Junior Mixed Doubles Event are already known after today's quarterfinals at the European Youth Championships in Bratislava. 

Tomorrow, in the penultimate stage will play juniors Patryk ZATOWKA of Poland and Adina DIACONU of Romania, Alexandru MANOLE and Andreea CLAPA of Romania, Aleksandr KHANIN and Daria TRIGOLOS of Belarus, Romain RUIZ and Oceane GUISNEL of France. In cadets’ category, Cristian PLETEA of Romania and Maria TAYLAKOVA of Russia, Lev KATSMAN and Kristina KAZANTSEVA of Russia, Vladislav URSU of Moldova and Vony Ange RANDRIANTSOA of France, Martin FRIIS and Ellen HOLMSTEN of Sweden secured the medals. 

Top seeds ZATOWKA and DIACONU saved a lot of energy for singles after fast straight games victory over Maxim CHAPLYGIN and Maria MALANINA of Russia 3:0 (6, 7, 6). At the lower half of the draw RUIZ and GUISNEL of France in similar style overcame Dennis KLEIN and Luisa SAGER of Germany. MANOLE and CLAPA beat Joe SEYFRIED of France and Natalia BAJOR of Poland 3:1 (8, -11, 12, 10); KHANIN and TRIGOLOS overcame Abdullah YIGENLER and Simay KULAKCEKEN of Turkey 3:1 (6, 5, -6, 8).

In cadets Event only combination of PLETEA of Romania and TAYLAKOVA of Russia prevailed in straight games against Tom EISE and Ana BONDAREVA of Germany 3:0 (7, 6, 0). Three remaining pairings were stretched to full distance. KATSMAN and KAZANTSEVA beat Matteo MUTTI of Italy and Camille Cloe LINKE of Switzerland 3:2 (9, 6, -3, -6, 5); URSU and RANDRIANTSOA accounted for Pavel DAUNAREVICH and Nadezdha BOGDANOVA of Belarus 3:2 (-6, 12, 5, -11, 9); FRIIS and HOLMSTEN secured the medal in the match against Lilian BARDET and Leili MOSTAFAVI of France 3:2 (-4, -6, 9, 6, 8).

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