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Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge - 21 Jul 2015

World's no one topping the list at the Asia-Europe All Stars Challenge

Continental clash is scheduled for first two days in August


On August 1st and 2nd, Europe will faced Asia once again at the Asia-Europe All Stars Challenge. In Jiang Su Zhang Jiagang Gymnasium, five players in each Continental teams will fight for honor and 100.000 Euros in total. Winning team will earn 60.000, whilst losing team will left the field 40.000 Euros richer. Last November Asia emerged victoriously at the 2014 Asia – Europe All Stars Challenge.

The European team is led by Vladimir SAMSONOV of Belarus, World's no. 8, followed by Marcos FREITAS of Portugal, Robert GARDOS of Austria, Bastian STEGER of Germany and Andrej GACINA of Croatia. Coach is Richard PRAUSE. Player currently ranked at the position no. one at the World Rankings, MA Long of China topping the list of Asian's stars. Japan is represented by Jun MIZUTANI, Hong Kong by TANG Peng, Taipei by CHUNG Chih Yuan and Iran by Noshad ALAMIYAN. Coach is QIN Zhijan.

At the opening day TANG Peng will meet STEGER in the first of five matches; CHUANG Chih Yuan will play against GARDOS, MA Long against FREITAS, MIZUTANI against SAMSONOV and ALAMIYAN against GACINA.

On the second day GACINA will start first against TANG Peng; the following matches will be ALAMIYAN vs. GARDOS, MIZUTANI vs. FREITAS, MA Long vs. SAMSONOV, CHUANG vs.STEGER.

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