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Champions League Men - 16 Jul 2015

TTCLM Group D – Big challenge for Borussia!


The staff of the ten times European champion commented the 2015/16 TTCLM draw...


The same company will share the same group (D) in the 2015/16 TTCLM season, as it was two years ago. Actually, three names are gathered again – Borussia, Chartres and Bogoria. Düsseldorf's` side, the most decorated European club ever, didn't manage to pass in the next stage that time, having one of the most turbulent seasons in its recent history.

„It is a pity that we nearly play against the same teams as last year", commented Borussia`s Coach Danny HEISTER. „We have no influence on the draw. Chartes and Bogoria have new players, Joao MONTEIRO and JUNG Youngsik. In the team of Ostrov play two old acquaintances, Ex-Frickenhausen MORIZONO and Ex-Borussia KORBEL. We have a strong team, but it is still a challenge. If we will prepare us well for the games, then it is feasible to achieve the next round."

Totally 10 players from top three Group D clubs are among the best 67 on the ITTF World ranking list: Timo BOLL (no. 7, Borussia), GAO Ning (16, Chartres), JUNG Younsik (21, Bogoria), Panagiotis GIONIS (22, Borussia), Robert GARDOS (23, Chartres), Joao MONTEIRO (29, Chartres), Patrick FRANZISKA (30, Borussia), Kamal ACHANTA (40, Borussia), Daniel GORAK (58, Bogoria) and Par GERELL (67, Chartres).

„We have a strong group. Against Chartres and Bogoria we lost in earlier years. Chartres has a good team, but also Bogoria should not be underestimated. They have a new player, JUNG Youngsik, who won the Korea Open. I hope we have a good start in the season and no injuries. We try to win the triple", stressed Indian Kamal ACHANTA who was not able to play in the latest TTCLM final against Orenburg, due to injury.

Borussia played in all three possible finals in the previous season, reaching domestic trophies (league and cup), but in the TTCLM they were beaten by Russian Fakel Gazproma.

„We are looking forward to the new season in the Table Tennis Champions League and three attractive opponents. Chartres is an extremely strong rival, but also Bogoria is dangerous and with the new player JUNG stronger than last year. Even OSTROV with MORIZONO and KORBEL is always good for a surprise. We know our performance and want to achieve the knockout stage", emphasized Borussia`s manager Andreas PREUSS.

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