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European Youth Championships - 16 Jul 2015

Thierry PRIOU: Experience makes the difference

French boy’s know how to play in finals


For French Cadets winning the title becomes routine. At the European Youth Championships in Bratislava they succeeded to the highest step of the medal rostrum in Cadet's Boys Teams Event. It is title no. eight for France.

“The final showed in best possible way, how much the experience makes the difference. We faced very good and spirited team of Italy, but our boys have been so many times there. It was 3:0 at the end, despite very good respond from Italian side. In past 10 years we played so many finals that we used to it. For them it was business as usual,” explained coach Thierry PRIOU.

Lilian BARDET and Irvin BERTRAND already played last year in the team that won the gold in Italy.

“At that time Lilian only sat at the bench, but he felt the atmosphere of big tournament, he is adjust to big matches.”

In the match against Italy beside BARDET and BERTRAND, Leo DE NODREST and Jules ROLLAND also get their chance.

“We can talk about tactics at that age, but that is not the most important thing. The  way the team respond to the pressure, the way they cope with the play at the Europan Championships is the thing that makes the difference.”

For France it was not easy task to reach the final. They faced challenging moments on their way to the ultimate stage.

“In the Group stage we had very difficult match against Russia. They stretched us to full distance. Then, we met Greece in another close match. In semi final we played against Moldova. We were constantly under pressure. WE see very promising players coming from this tournament.”

Coach PRIOU also praised his players.

“BERTRAND has very good feeling for the game, whilst BARDET is mentally very strong. Leo DE NODREST and Jules ROLLAND proved their place was here, but I am sure, that we have six or eight players who are not in Bratislava, capable to win the medal too. We have whole second team that could easily won silver or gold.”

Speaking about the competition PRIOU, stated it is a bit weaker.

“If we compare the current situation with the time when we had GAUZY, FLORE, SIRUCEK, FRANZISKA, I have to say, at that time it was harder to reach the medal. In France we still work very hard, but I do not know what happened with the rest. I do not see the way we can surpass China, Asia, or even Brazil in future.”

But, still there are good players.

“I especially like the way Moldova’s Cristian CHIRITA and Vladislav URSU are playing. Tom EISE of Germany, Italy's Carlo ROSSI...they all showed talent."

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