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European Youth Championships - 15 Jul 2015

Russia built great foundation for the future

Sergei BRUZIN crowned 21st season as coach with another gold


In 21 years on duty as a national coach of Russia’s youth teams, Sergei BRUZIN collected impressive number of medals. His rich treasury contains four bronze medals, eight silver, and now has six gold. His latest addition is the gold in Cadet Girls Team’s Event at the European Youth Championships in Bratislava. 

In the final of the Cadets Event Russia beat France.

“Already, in the semi final we had very difficult match against Sweden. That helped us a lot. We were ready for the ultimate game,” explained BRUZIN.

Anastasia KOLISH and Maria TAYLAKOVA had a difficult task.

“To stop France, you have to receive the service very good. They are strong in that field. It was especially the case in the match between Anastasia KOLISH and Lucie GAUTHIER. French girl forced Anastasia to go full distance, because our player had problem receiving the service.”

Maria TAYLAKOVA justified her ranking, playing the important role in the final. She is no. one at the rankings.

“In the final Maria was the true captain of the team. She showed very impressive performance and beautiful game. Both her matches, against Leili MOSTAFAVI and GAUTHIER were very good.”

Only duel that went on French account was the doubles.

“ I had two opportunities; to try with Anastasia and Maria or to put Kristina KAZANTSEVA into the game. I choose the double that had more experience,” explained BRUZIN. “At the end Maria TAYLAKOVA showed she can cope with the pressure and in very mature way overcame GAUTHIER.”

In the semi final against Sweden, Russia was 2:0 in advance, before Sweden recovered to level.

“TAYLAKOVA lost against KALLBERG and it was important for us that Anastasia kept her spirit high. TAYLAKOVA is much calmer, but in that match Anastasia also played good under pressure.”

Coach BRUZIN praised Maria’s playing spirit.

“Mentally, TAYLAKOVA is very strong. Tactically, she is very good; has various strokes; she capable to change her rhythm and tactics easily in the match. She has good basic to become very good player.”

KOLISH comes from the sports family. Her father was European champion in rowing.

“She does everything seriously. She is very responsible person. Anastasia could spent hours and hours in the training hall for days and nights. When she lost the match she returns to the hall to practice some more. Her life is table tennis. Sometimes she goes far from the table, and I think she had to work on her speed.”

KAZANTSEVA’s father is national coach, working currently with Cadet Boy’s team, her small sister is also player. 

“She is into table tennis from the early ages. She is very responsible. In addition, she uses various strokes and she is very fast. Her topspin is very good. “

According to her coach, Elina RUB, is very clever player.

“She feels the ball very well and she is capable to feel weak spot in her adversaries. She founds the weakness and attacks. With ability to change the pace and the rhythm, with good service she is very valuable.”

Coach BRUZIN shared the memories of the tournament in Spain.

“With KAZANTSEVA in doubles she played outstandingly. At 2:2 against Chinese Taipei and at 10:10, she played two fantastic risky balls ; took full initiative and scored.”

Asked about current situation in Europe’s table tennis coach pointed:

“Romania, France, Russia…still keeps high level.”

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