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European Youth Championships - 12 Jul 2015

Romania on its way to the top

Photo: Jérémy Vallée

France under pressure in the Round of 16 match

Romania’s Rares SIPOS and Cristian PLETEA needed only three matches to secure their place in the quarterfinal of the Cadet Boy’s Teams Event at the European Youth Championships in Bratislava. 

They overcame England after being challenged only in opening duel. Alexander RAMSDEN forced SIPOS do go full distance.

Germany’s Jannik XU, Tom EISE and Fanbo MENG also showed powerful performance against Spain to book their ticket to quarterfinal. Their next adversary, team of Italy was also at the top of the task. In straight matches, Carlo ROSSI and Matteo MUTTI beat Portugal. Moldova’s Cristian CHIRITA and Vladislav URSU recorded 3:0 victory against Hungary. 

For other winners it was less safe journey. Russia’s Artem DVOYNIKOV, Vladimir SIDORENKO and Lev KATSMAN needed four matches to overcame Lithuania. The same result was recorded in match between Sweden and Turkey. Truls MOREGARDH, Melker NILSSON and Martin FRIIS failed to produce the victory in doubles. 

Spirited side of Greece came from second Division to challenge no. two seeds France. Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS beat Lilian BARDET to give his team dream start, but Irvin BERTRAND levelled the score. The crucial duel, doubles match, went full distance. After thrilling match France completely broke their opponents game, so at the end Irvin easily sealed the match.

Poland was stretched to full distance against Belarus. Valentin HENING beat Samuel KULCZYCKI to put Belarus into the lead. The battle lasted five games. Same distance went Paverl DAUNAROVICH and Artur GRELA, but this time Poland’s player added points to his score. Poland, then got the lead by winning in doubles, and Artur GRELA in the decisive match proved he has heart for big battles. 

In cadet Girls Team's Event Belarus was only team forced to go full distance. Nadezdha BOGDANOVA and Marharyta BALTUSHITE were 2:1 in reverse before they managed to recover. BALTUSHITE won both her duels against Ukraine.

Russia also struggled at the begining of the match against Italy ; Anastasia KOLISH suffered by the hands of Jamila LAURENTI. Maria TAYLAKOVA, after that, won her singles and doubles match before she beat Jamila in full distance encounter. Croatia's Andrea PAVLOVIC and Ema MARN beat Slovakia's representatives in straight games. Also, Sweden showed no mercy against Slovenia. Ellen HOLMSTEN and Stina KALLBERG needed three matches to secure quarterfinal.

Tania PLAIAN and Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania prevailed against Germany ; Anezka ILCIKOVA and Zdena BLASKOVA of Czech Republic overcame Belgium. Poland's Anna and Katarzyna WEGRZYN beat Turkey, whilst Leili MOSTAFAVI and Lucie GAUTHIER of France prevailed against Serbia.

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