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ETTU Cup Women - 11 Jul 2015

Grand Quevilly topping the list in the ETTU Cup

Photo: Piotr Morawski

The draw for ETTU Cup Women will be held on July 15th in Bratislava


The 2015/16 ETTU Cup Women draw will be held on July 15th in Bratislava, Slovakia, during the 58th European Youth Championships, as totally 25 clubs will be divided in both, Round of 2 and Round of 3 qualification rounds. Two participants with the highest ranking, unique with more than 6000 points, are French ALCL TT Grand Quevilly (6775) and Czech SKST Mart Hodinin (6137). Other qualified for the Round 3 are: LZ easy Therm Linz Froschberg (Austria), SKNT "LUCH Vladimir" (Russia), GDSC Juncal (Portugal), TTC Novi Sad (Serbia), Kazan (Russia), Tigem Sports Club (Turkey).

Qualified for Round 2 clubs are: Cajasur Priego TM (Spain), Istanbul BBSK (Turkey), Budaorsi 2i SC (Hungary), KTTC AFP Antwerpen (Belgium), VIC TT (Spain), CTT Balaguer-Villart Logistic (Spain), U.S.D Tennistavolo Zeus (Italy), DT Rued (Luxembourg), ACS Dumbravita (Romania), YMCA Thessaloniki (Greece), Peralto Salud Linares (Spain), GDCP Madalena (Portugal), Irun Leka Enea (Spain), TT Vedrinamur (Belgium), GD Toledos (Portugal), ASD Tennistavolo Norbello (Italy), AZS UMCS Optima Lublin (Poland).

Actual ETTU Cup Women champion is KTS Tarnobrzeg who defeated Metz in the 2014/15 final. Polish champion starts in the upcoming ECLW as the 2nd seed. In the last five years champions were clubs who managed to win both ETTU Cup and ECLW, like Fenerbahce and LI Ning Infinity Heerlen.

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