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ETTU Cup Men - 15 Jul 2015

ETTU Cup Men: Spanish and Turkish clubs targets second stage

The competition starts on August 21-23rd



The ETTU Cup Men draw was held in Bratislava, as totally 35 clubs were divided in three stages. The opening stage tournament will be played on August 21-23rd, with 19 clubs from 11 countries. Five Turkish and four Spanish members are in that company:

GROUP A: Irun Leka Enea (Spain), CTT Royal Alpa Ixelles Schaerbeek (Belgium), GDCS Juncal (Portugal), TED Sports Club (Turkey).

GROUP B: TT Vedrinamur (Belgium), Arteal Tenis de Mesa (Spain), Yalova Belediye (Turkey), SC Mioveni (Romania), North Ayrshire (Scotland).

GROUP C: GD Toledos (Spain), Istanbul BBSK (Turkey), NTK Iliria (Slovenia), Montoutojas (Lithuania), ASD Marcozzi (Italy).

GROUP D: Tenis de Mesa Rivas (Spain), Floraton Szeged (Humgary), Rio-Star Muttenz (Switzerland), Turk Telekom Ankara (Turkey), Sarkuysan Spor (Turkey).

In each group, the team ranked 1st and 2nd will be qualified for the Second stage (9-11th October) where eight clubs will await them, divided again in four groups.

GROUP A: Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo (Netherlands), TTC Sokah Hoboken (Belgium).

GROUP B: Cajasur Priego (Spain), Fortune Kyiv (Ukraine).

GROUP C: DT Diddeleng (Luxembourg), Yroni Givatayim (Israel).

GROUP D: El Nino EHW (Czech Republic), STK Libertas Marinkolor (Croatia).

From the Second stage again two top ranked teams from each group will continue to the 3rd round (30th October – 1st November) to face eight strong participants: Stella Sport la Romagne (France), Logis Auderghem TT (Belgium), DKV Borges Vall (Spain), Roskilde (Denmark), Istres (France), Trade Alliance Kiev (Ukraine), Halmstad (Sweden), Caen TTC (France). Rosklide and Istres played in the TTCLM in the last few seasons, whilst Caen is the very first TTCLM champion and now one of the favorites in ETTU Cup Men.

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