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European Youth Championships - 19 Jul 2015

Anton KALLBERG conquered Europe

Photo: Roman BENICKY

Player from Sweden clinched Junior Boys Singles title


Anton KALLBERG won the title in the Junior Boys Singles Event at the European Youth Championships in Bratislava. In the final he beat Alexandre CASSIN of France 4:1 (4, 8, -9, 6, 8).

“It was long and hard championships. It is hard for me to find the words at the end. In the final, I thought, I was little bit better,” stated KALLBERG. ”It has been long journey and I was under pressure in each match.”

In the semi final top seeded KALLBERG beat Andreas LEVENKO of Austria 4:2 (-10, 7, 7, 5, -12, 12).

“We exchanged a lot of open rallies. He responded very well on my service game. He played very safe on the first ball, so I sought for a solution to beat him,” said KALLBERG.

In other match CASSIN beat Patryk ZATOWKA of Poland 4:1 (8, -7, 10, 7, 8).

“We played against each other six time before and each time I won. It gave me very much confidence at the beginning of the match. The pressure was on him. After 1:0 could read his face and I saw that he lost the focus. However it could be dangerous situation, if you are a favorite. It could easily happened that I lost my focus, so I was very aware of it” said CASSAN.


Gold medal

Anton KALLBERG of Sweden

Silver medal

Alexandre CASSIN of France 

Bronze medal

Andreas LEVENKO of Austria

Patryk ZATOWKA of Poland

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