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European Youth Championships - 18 Jul 2015

Andreas LEVENKO secured the medal

Photo: Roman BENICKY

In Junior Boys Singles Austrian player beat Can AKKUZU

At the European Youth Championships in Bratislava in the semi final of the Junior Boys Singles Event, only one name from the list of the best four players in Europe is missing. Tomorrow in the semis, Anton KALLBERG of Sweden will meet Andreas LEVENKO of Austria, whilst Alexandre CASSIN of France will play against Patryk ZATOWKA of Poland. 

Top seeded KALLBERG easily prevailed against Konstantin CHERNOV of Russia 4:0 (4, 7, 6, 4), whilst seeded no. two CASSIN beat Dennis KLEIN of Germany in similar style (2, 7, 8, 5). Seeded no. four ZATOWKA overcame Darko JORGIC of Slovenia 4:0 (8, 11, 11, 5).

Only LEVENKO upset the rankings. Europe’s no 12 beat Old Continent’s no. three Can AKKUZU of France in full distance thriller 4:3 (-8, 8, -13, 10, -5, 9, 10). 

In the semi final of the Junior’ Boys Doubles Event Alexandre CASSAN and Can AKKUZU of France will meet Malte MOREGARDH and Simon SODERLUND of Sweden whilst in other penultimate stage match Darko JORGIC and Deni KOZUL of Slovenia will play against Aleksandr KHANIN and Nikita YARUSHIN of Belarus. The semi final is on the program tomorrow at 10:45. 

In quarters only pairings from Sweden were forced to go full distance. MOREGARDH and SODERLUND beat Patryk ZATOWKA and Konstantin CHERNOV in very close match 3:2 (10, 7, -10, -10, 10). Top seeds from France AKKUZU and CASSAN prevailed in straight games against Alexandr MANOLE of Romania and Thibaut DARCIS of Belgium (5, 2, 9). 

KHANIN and YARUSHIN also needed only three games against Russia’s combination of Maxim KISELOV and Andrey SEMENOV (6, 3, 5), whilst JORGIC and KOZUL needed one more to beat Nolan GIVONE and Joe SEYFRIED of France (-9, 4, 6, 11). 

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