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European Youth Championships - 19 Jul 2015

Adina DIACONU at the list of the best players ever at the EYC

Photo: Roman BENICKY

DIACON added the title in the Singles event to the long list


Adina DIACONU of Romania become one of the best European Youth Championships players ever. Including this year's team title, in Bratislava,  she now has 10, and only two players have more. She will joined Gabrielle WIRTH and Otilia BADESCU on position three with 10 medals in total. Only Vladimir SAMSONOV with 13 and Bernadette SZOCS with 11 are above her.

The latest addition was the Junior Girls Singles Event gold. In the final she beat Marie MIGOT of France 4:2 (-8, 4, 6, 8, -10, 5).

“This is my third title in the row and I could not be more happier,” said DIACONU.

In the semi final Adina DIACONU beat Audrey ZARIF of France 4:2 (7, 13, -7, -6, 9, 8).

“It was really important for me that I won the opening game. I imposed the control from the beginning. In second it was 7:7, 8:8, before I won, and with that advantage I was in control. I constantly changed the pace of the game and played very aggressive. The fact that I beat her in our previous encounter helped, for sure. It was year or two ago,” said Adina.

MIGOT overcame Andreea CLAPA of Romania 4:2 (5, -10, 7, 7, -11, 8). 

“It was 3:1 and 5:9, but I lost the game. I had to change the tactics, but basically I am very good in the game against left-handers. In addition, it was our re-run of the semi final in Ostrava three years ago. I also beat her 4:2 at that time,” said MIGOT.


Gold medal

Adina DIACONU of Romania 

Silver medal

Marie MIGOT of France

Bronze medal

Audrey ZARIF of France

Andreea CLAPA of Romania 

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