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Europe Top-16 Cup - 11 Dec 2015

European elite returns to Portugal in February led by OVTCHAROV

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

From 5th February to 7th February the European elite will play in the city of Gondomar at the ITTF Europe Top 16 Cup


After TMS 2014 European Team Championships and GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, Portugal will stage yet another major event on the international calendar. From Friday 5th February to Sunday 7th February the European elite will gather in the city of Gondomar at the ITTF Europe Top 16 Cup. The tournament is a qualification event for the Men’s World Cup and Women’s World Cup to be staged later in the year.

Three days tournament in the North of Lisbon will consist of two stages; round- robin group matches in the first stage, followed by a progressive knockout draw to decide the first eight positions.

ETTU invited: Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (Germany), Timo BOLL (Germany), Marcos FREITAS (Portugal), Vladimir SAMSONOV (Belarus), Andrej GACINA (Croatia), Stefan FEGERL (Austria), Robert GARDOS (Austria), Panagiotis GIONIS (Greece), Tiago APOLONIA (Portugal), Pär GERELL (Sweden), Simon GAUZY (France), Alexander SHIBAEV (Russia), Ruwen FILUS (Germany), Kristian KARLSSON (Sweden), Bastian STEGER (Germany), João MONTEIRO (Portugal).

Reserves: Adrien MATTENET (France), Patrick FRANZISKA (Germany), Patrick BAUM (Germany), Michael MAZE (Denmark), KOU Lei (Ukraine).

Women: Petrissa SOLJA (Germany), LI Jie (Netherlands), Elizabeta SAMARA (Romania), LI Jiao (Netherlands), HU Melek (Turkey), LIU Jia (Austria), Georgina POTA (Hungary), LI Qian (Poland), Tetyana BILENKO (Ukraine), SHEN Yanfei (Spain), Irene IVANCAN (Germany), Polina MIKHAILOVA (Russia), Sabine WINTER (Germany), WU Jiaduo (Germany), Margaryta PESOTSKA (Ukraine), Leila OLIVEIRA (Portugal).

Reserves: Sofia POLCANOVA (Austria), NI Xialian (Luxembourg), Kristin SILBEREISEN (Germany), Bernadette SZOCS (Romania), Viktoria PAVLOVICH (Belarus), Natalia PARTYKA (Poland).

No national association may be represented by more than four players in each event; thus in the Men’s event Patrick FRANZISKA and Patrick BAUM may only replace Germany player. The same applies to Kristin SILBEREISEN in the Women’s competition.

The closing date for confirmation of entries is Friday 18th December; the draw will be made at the Holiday Inn in Gaia on Thursday 4th February.

In 2014 Portugal clinched the European Team title in Lisbon, now the host nation supporters again will have the main favorite for the top place at the medal rostrum. Marcos FREITAS won the Men’s title in the Swiss city of Lausanne in 2013; one year ago he was beaten in the final by Germany’s Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, when the tournament was staged in Baku, Azerbaijan.


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