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Development - 7 Dec 2015

A Global Coaching Seminar at the China Table Tennis College-Europe in Luxembourg


Another milestone in the history of the China Table Tennis College-Europe (CTTC-E) will be set this week in Luxembourg. From Monday to Thursday, the National Sports Institute of the Grand Duchy will be the venue where 40 coaches attend a further education seminar.


In the course of the week, a structural analysis of table tennis, seen from a Chinese perspective, will be central. As the lecturer of this four-day event, Mr. LI Xiaodong from the Chinese Table Tennis Association is announced. Mr. LI is a professor at the prestigious Shanghai University of Sport and deputy head of the Technical Studies Committee. He looks back at 25 years of work with the Chinese National Team. The participants in Luxembourg City will come from all over the world: Some of these experts registered stem from Japan, South Africa and Canada.


"The China Table Tennis College-Europe is a training and educational institution established in 2014, based on the cooperation of diverse Chinese and Luxembourgian organizations, including the China Table Tennis College in Shanghai and the Luxembourg Table Tennis Federation. In terms of content, a special focus will be laid next week on Chinese training methods as well as the coach education system in the Middle Kingdom," said one of participants, Gunter STRAUB the member of the Association of German Table Tennis Coaches.

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