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Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge - 1 Aug 2015

Great showdown starts

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

The 2015 Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge sarts today at 08h00 CET (14h00 CST) in the City of Zhangjiagang, China. Bastian STEGER and CHUANG Chih-Yuan will face in the opening match


European and Asian stars are determined to show their best on the 2015 Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge which starts today at 08h00 CET (14h00 CST) in the Jiang Su Gymnasium in the City of Zhangjiagang, China. Altogether ten matches are scheduled for two days (August 1st and 2nd), five each day.

It will be the 7th clash on Chinese soil between these two most powerful table tennis continents. Since 2009, when this event was established, Europeans managed to beat their biggest rivals twice at home, but their coach Richard PRAUSE promised good fight against world champion MA Long & Company.

Prize money is 100,000 € in total. Winning team will get 60,000 €, while the losers will left the field with 40,000 €.


Asian team: 1 MA Long (CHN, world`s no. 1), 2 TANG Peng (HKG, no. 13), 3 CHUANG Chih-Yuan (TPE, no. 14), 4 GAO Ning (SIN, no. 16), 5 Noshad ALAMIYAN (IRI, no. 102). Coach: QIN Zhijian (CHN).

European team: 1 Vladimir SAMSONOV (BLR, world`s no. 8), 2 Marcos FREITAS (POR, no. 10), 3 Robert GARDOS (AUT, no. 23), 4 Bastian STEGER (GER, no. 26), 5 Andrej GACINA (CRO, no. 34). Coach: Richard PRAUSE (GER)


Asia – Europe, Day 1, August 1st: CHUANG Chih-Yuan – Bastian STEGER, GAO Ning – Robert GARDOS, MA Long – Marcos FREITAS, TANG Peng – Vladimir SAMSONOV, Noshad ALAMIYAN – Andrej GACINA.

Asia-Europe, Day 2, August 2nd: CHUANG Chih-Yuan – Andrej GACINA, Noshad ALAMIYAN – Robert GARDOS, TANG Peng – Marcos FREITAS, MA Long – Vladimir SAMSONOV, GAO Ning – Bastian STEGER.

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