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Member Associations - 28 Aug 2015

Good training camp for Greek national teams in Veria

Greek national team had the opportunity to prepare in very good conditions and at more friendly temperatures in this part of the season in Veria. The municipality of the city invited  16 men and women who worked in Filippeion gym at Veria and fitness at 1,500 meters altitude at Seli. With them were two international athletes, Daniel KOSIBA from Hungary and Benedek OLAH from Finland.

The municipality of Northern Greece city offered the hospitality in the cooperation with the table tennis clubs A.S.E.A. and O.E.A. The camp was organized perfectly by Verias. They hosted the athletes of national teams with great attention. On Tuesday, the Major of Veroia Κostas VORGIAZIDIS made the reception in his office for the players, also the Municipality organized a lunch in honor of teams, the young athletes of local clubs gave international players t-shirts for the camp, while journalists and photographers from local media showed great interest in the presence of the European runner-up of 2013.

The national teams were focused on physical fitness, as they are at the beginning of the year. Only Kallinikos KREANGA was missing, because he had to be in Athens for personal reasons.

“The conditions were excellent both in the gym in Veria and mountain views, Seli. I think it was very well prepared and I will look through the results in the year. The hospitality also was perfect and we are grateful to all those who offered us assistance. It was a very good organized work of local government, which I think I will help further the promotion of the sport that is already widespread in Veria”, said the head coach Kostas VATSAKLIS.

KOSIBA and OLAH concluded the trainings on 16 August because they had to continue their preparation in Hungary. Their impressions from Veria was very positive.

“It was a really good week concerning both the training and the rest time. The Greek team was very kind and helpful to us. The conditions were very good and we liked especially, every day we had to rig several children, who came to see the workout. We want to say "thank you" for this beautiful week to all members of the Greek delegation and operators from the city”, commended the Hungarian KOSIBA which has rich curriculum and experience of major events.

KOSIBA was asked about the young players of Greek team and pointed at SGOUROPOULOS.

“I believe this 15 year old athlete, SGOUROPOULOS, is very talented player”, he answered, while for his personal ambitions next year, said: “My big goal is to get the qualification to the Olympic Games and also I have to be at 100 best athletes in the world rankings (this month is at number 106)”.

OLAH: At the start was no problem to adopt for the higher altitudes and to the travel to the hall but sometimes later during the week I felt little weaker than sometimes but nothing really. The hotel was nice and the landscape in chalet were amazing. Mountains and calming nature. What made the biggest impact on me was how the players and the coaches from Greece behaved , like a big family helping each other having fun and still fighting practicing 100% and competing against each other. It was super nice to train there therefore and many other countries should learn from you guys. The youngest players level was good , They work hard in the practice and hit hard.... Sometimes too hard ... I was very surprised when I found out how old they are.”



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