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Other Events - 11 Aug 2015

Cancer Charity Fund Raising Day, Focus of Guinness World Record Attempt

Photo: Steve Rowe

Kelly Sibley, English champion, is the Ambassador for Pink Pong

Controlling a table tennis ball on a table tennis racket for ten seconds without a mistake may not seem a formidable task but when you are aiming for 300 people, or even 400, to perform the exercise at the same time without error; then the mission assumes different proportions.

Currently the Guinness World Record stands at 250 people; the aim of England’s Steve Rowe is to organise a sufficient number of people to break that record; the planned date for Aerobic Table Tennis / Pink Pong Table Tennis Guinness World Record Attempt is Saturday 24th October, the venue is Wigan Youth Zone situated in Greater Manchester.

Pink Pong is organised by Liz May who works tirelessly to raise money for cancer research; they are partners with Aerobic Table Tennis, the organisation masterminded by Steve Rowe. The two organisations have toured the United Kingdom in an attempt to raise money for Liz May’s project.

Preparations are now in an advanced state, the proposal being that the day will start at 10.00am being full of themed table tennis activities, with funds raised going to Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens.
“We will be having table tennis exhibition games and many fun table tennis games”, said Steve ROWE. “Of course the main event is the world record attempt, which is planned for a 2.00pm start.”

Attending the event will be Kelly SIBLEY, the reigning English champion, who is an ambassador for Pink Pong. She will attend the event also alongside the Mayor of Wigan and Russia’s Maxim SHMYREV. Notably, Maxim SHMYREV responded immediately to the request from Steve ROWE to support the event.
Kindly the Wigan Youth Zone has offered their facilities for free, the whole project being organised in conjunction with the Wigan Athletic Football Club Community Trust.

“Table tennis has been part of our Premier League 4 Sport programme since it started in 2009, we have seen great results delivering table tennis to young people in Wigan with us working with more than 300 participants this year”, said Tom FLOWER, Head of Wigan Athletic Community Trust. “With this in mind using our profile to so support the table tennis world record attempt to raise money for Cancer Research Kids and Teens was something we jumped at.”

Furthermore, Dreamscope Television will film the whole event. Guinness will study the video to make sure the necessary conditions have been met.

“The actual activity is not that difficult, what is difficult is having more than 250 people in the same room at the same time taking part in the attempt”, said Steve ROWE. “We are hoping to have between 300 and 400 people so we can smash the record.”

Notably the activity was chosen so that even beginner players can take part.

“We would like to invite players from around the world to join us at this fantastic event”, added Steve ROWE. “Everyone that takes part in the attempt will have the chance to become a Guinness world record holder.”

Now that is something that does not happen every day.

“I would personally like to thank Darren HUTCHINSON from Dreamscope and Table Tennis England who are helping us promote the event; we are hoping to have a Table Tennis England representative attend on the day”, concluded Steve ROWE.


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