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Table Tennis Champions League Men


Table Tennis Champions League (TTCLM), organised by the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), is the most important international club competition in Europe. The Men’s European Champions League took place for first time in 1998/99 season, with the aim to replace European Club Cup of Champions, the previous highest level European club competition held since 1960/61 season. In the second season (1999/2000), the playing system was changed. The maximum number of games was reduced from seven to five, with doubles being cancelled.

Borussia Dusseldorf is the most successful club in the history of Men’s competition, winning the title ten times. They won its very first one in the 1988/89 season, while the latest crown has been taken in 2010/11.

Belgian club La Villette Charleroi still occupies second place with seven titles, although they stepped out from the event after 2010/11 season. This glorious club, led by Jean-Michel SAIVE, won four crowns in a row (2001-04).

Three clubs lifted the trophy five times each – CSM Cluj, Slavia/Sparta Praha and Spartacus Budapest, one less has GSTK Vjesnik Zagreb, while Fakel Gazproma Orenburg and TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau were champions three times. Russian club Orenburg won their titles in recent seasons (2011/12, 2012/13, 2014/15).


In 2015, ETTU began a co-operation with a leading sports media and marketing agency, the sportsman media group, which has an extensive expertise in the field of sport and digital media from which various clubs, associations and end customers are already benefiting from. The 2015 was also the year when the name of the Men’s Champions League changed to Table Tennis Champions League (TTCLM).

Orenburg returned on the top in the 2016/17 edition, beating in the final Borussia Dusseldorf 6:2 in aggregate score (3:0 away, 3:2 home). Russian club showed one of the strongest ever line-ups, with three top class players, Jun MIZUTANI, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, Vladimir SAMSONOV. Japanese MIZUTANI finished season with a perfect 16-0 individual score.

In the next season, 2017/18 Borussia Dusseldorf got revenge against Russian side, winning both final matches: 3:2 at home, 3:1 away. Timo BOLL had a perfect 4-0 score in the finals, prevailing against Dimitrij OVTCHAROV and Jun MIZUTANI twice. German club has improved its record to 11 crowns. 




Year Winner Runner-up
2017/2018 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Fakel Gazprom Orenburg (RUS)
2016/2017 Fakel Gazprom Orenburg (RUS) Borussia Dusseldorf (GER)
2015/2016 As Pontoise Cergy TT (FRA) Eslovs Ai Bordtennis (SWE)
2014/2015 Fakel Gazprom Orenburg (RUS) Borussia Dusseldorf (GER)
2013/2014              AS Pontoise Cergy TT (FRA) Gazprom Orenburg (RUS)
2012/2013 Gazprom Orenburg (RUS) Chartres ASTT (FRA)
2011/2012 Gazprom Orenburg (RUS) UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS)
2010/2011 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Gazprom Orenburg (RUS)
2009/2010 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL)
2008/2009 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Liebherr Ochsenhausen (GER)
2007/2008 SVS Niederosterreich (AUT) Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL)
2006/2007 Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL) SVS Niederosterreich (AUT)
2005/2006 TTV RE-BAU Gonnern (GER) Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL)
2004/2005 TTV RE-BAU Gonnern (GER) Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL)
2003/2004 Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL) TTC Zugbrucke Grenzau (GER)
2002/2003 Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL) TTC Zugbrucke Grenzau (GER)
2001/2002 Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL) SVS Niederosterreich (AUT)
2000/2001 Royal Villette Charleroi (BEL) SVS Niederosterreich (AUT)
1999/2000 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) SVS Niederosterreich (AUT)
1998/1999 Caen Tennis de Table Club (FRA) Borussia Dusseldorf (GER)



Year Winner Runner-up
2000/2001  STK Vecernji List Zagreb (CRO) Morlini Ostroda (POL)
1999/2000 TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau (GER) TTVA Valcovny Plechu Frydek-Mistek (CZE)
1998/1999 TTV Hornstein (AUT) TTC Unirea Uzdin (YUG)
1997/1998 Borussia Düsseldorf (GER) Libertas Alfaterna Nocera Inferiore (ITA)
1996/1997 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Libertas Alfaterna Nocera Inferiore (ITA)
1995/1996 Sporting Villette Charleroi (BEL) UTT Levallois (FRA)
1994/1995 UTT Levallois (FRA) Sporting Villette Charleroi (BEL)
1993/1994 Sporting Villette Charleroi (BEL) Borussia Dusseldorf (GER)
1992/1993 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) Sporting Villette Charleroi (BEL)
1991/1992 Borussia Dusseldorf (GER) ATSV Saarbrucken (GER)
1990/1991 Borussia Dusseldorf (FRG) UTT Levallois (FRA)
1989/1990 UTT Levallois (FRA) ATSV Saarbrucken (FRG)
1988/1989 Borussia Dusseldorf (FRG)  Falkenbergs DTK (SWE)
1987/1988 Zugbrucke Grenzau (FRG) Spartacus Budapest (HUN)
1986/1987 Zugbrucke Grenzau (FRG) ATSV Saarbrucken (FRG)
1985/1986 ATSV Saarbrucken (FRG) Vitkovice Ostrava (TCH)
1984/1985 AZS Gdansk (POL) BVSC Budapest (HUN)
1983/1984 Simex Julich (FRG) Vitkovice Ostrava (TCH)
1982/1983 Heinzelmann Reutlingen (FRG) Borussia Dusseldorf (FRG)
1981/1982 Heinzelmann Reutlingen (FRG) BVSC Budapest (HUN)
1980/1981 Spartacus Budapest (HUN) AZS Gdansk (POL)
1979/1980 Spartacus Budapest (HUN) BVSC Budapest (HUN)
1978/1979 Spartacus Budapest (HUN) Borussia Dusseldorf (FRG)
1977/1978 Sparta Praha (TCH) Spartacus Budapest (HUN)
1976/1977 Sparta Praha (TCH) Falkenbergs BTK (SWE)
1975/1976 GSTK Vjesnik Zagreb (YUG)  Sparta Praha (TCH)
1974/1975 Sparta Praha (TCH) GSTK Vjesnik Zagreb (YUG)
1973/1974 GSTK Vjesnik Zagreb (YUG) Boo Kfum (SWE)
1972/1973 GSTK Vjesnik Zagreb (YUG) Spartacus Budapest (HUN)
1971/1972 Ormesby TTC (ENG) Falkenbergs BTK (SWE)
1970/1971 Spartacus Budapest (HUN) Mariestads Bois (SWE)
1969/1970 Spartacus Budapest (HUN) Mariestads Bois (SWE)
1968/1969 Slavia VS Praha (TCH) Mariestads Bois (SWE)
1967/1968 Slavia VS Praha (TCH) Solvesborgs BTK (SWE)
1966/1967 CSM Cluj (ROM) BVSC Budapest (HUN)
1965/1966 CSM Cluj (ROM) Lokomotiva Brno (TCH)
1964/1965 CSM Cluj (ROM) SC Leipzig (GDR)
1963/1964 CSM Cluj (ROM) Vasutepito Torekves (HUN)
1962/1963 Vasutepito Torekves (HUN) CSM Cluj (ROM)
1961/1962 GSTK Zagreb (YUG) Voros Meteor (HUN)
1960/1961 CSM Cluj (ROM) Lokomotive Leipzig (GDR)

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