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Event Information

2017 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships
13-17 Sep 2017
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Organisers Website
Mr. Camille GONDERINGER  (DTEM 2017 a.s.b.l.) Coordination Director

Final Standings

Men's Teams

Women's Teams

Matches of the Day

Draws and Schedule

Championship Division

Men’s Groups ( A, B, C, D)

Women’s Groups ( A, B, C, D)

Challenge Division

Men’s Groups (E, F, G, H)

Women’s Groups ( E, F, G, H)

Standard Division

Men’s Group I

Men’s Group J

Women’s Group I

Draws 2nd Stage

Championship Division

Men’s Draw Positions 1-8

Men’s Draw Positions 9-16

Women’s Draw Positions 1-8

Women’s Draw Positions 9-16

Challenge Division

Men’s Teams Positions 17-24

Men’s Teams Positions 25-32

Women’s Teams Positions 17-24

Women’s Teams Positions 25-32

Standard Division

Men's Teams Positions 33-36

Men's Teams Positions 37-40

Men's Teams Positions 41-44


Regulations & Documents

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