Europe Trophy Men / Women

The Europe Trophy is the ETTU's 3rd European Club Competition (for men teams and for women teams) after the Champions League and Europe Cup and will be organised for the first time in 2021 (season 2020-2021).

It is played regionally in the first group stages and regional winners are qualified for a Grand Final which will be played at one venue in Europe.

The competition is open to all clubs not qualified for Champions League nor Europe Cup and entry to the Europe Trophy is not limited to clubs competing in their first national league.

There are less requirements for hosting group rounds and as the competition is played regionally it also enables European clubs to take part without using a major budget.

The provisional playing schedule for the 2020-2021 season (to be confirmed for each region): round 1: 13-14.03.2021, round 2: 24-25.04.2021, reserve date or round 3: 22-23.05.2021, Grand Final: 03-04.07.2021.


For more information please contact ETTU at

Preliminary entry forms are available for downloading at the bottom of the page.

Event Information
2020/2021 Europe Trophy
13 Mar - 4 Jul 2021

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