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Valeria BORZA


The name of the hall for the memory of BORZA

French Magazine La Voix Du Nord announced that the Lys-lez-Lannoy club’s hall will be named after tragically died young table tennis player Valeria BORZA. Romania’s BORZA played for the French club for 9 years before she passed away on December 19th. Valeria died of meningitis. The opening of the hall...

SVS Strock's Li Fen


SVS STRÖCK comes to the point

SVS STRÖCK is in the final of the Women’s ETTU Cup. In penultimate stage, team from Schwechat overcame another Austrian representative Leistungszentrum Linz Froschberg. In the final SVS STRÖCK will meet Club Pongiste Lyssois Lille Metropole. Like few weeks earlier SVS STRÖCK concluded the match in three wins. LI Fen...

Agnès LE LANNIC (courtesy Lyssois Lille Metropole)


Lyssois Lille Metropole in the final

Club Pongiste Lyssois Lille Metropole progressed to the final of the Women´s ETTU Cup. In the second leg of the penultimate stage French club repeated the success made two weeks ago in Czech Republic and beat SKST Mart Hodonin by same score 3:1. YANG Xiao Xin was the back bone...

Liebherr Ochsenhausen's line-up


All-German duel Saarbrucken-Ochsenhausen

In the final of the Men’s ETTU Cup two German clubs will decide who will be the winner of this season’s edition of the competition. Saarbrucken will play against LIEBHERR Ochsenhausen. In Saarbrucken, German team recovered from 1:3 defeat from the opening leg of the ETTU Cup and with straight...

Bastian STEGER (Photo Roscher)


Saarbrucken in focus

Stella Sport La Romagne is the only club who managed to save the points at home soil two weeks ago in the first leg of the ETTU Cup semi final. They beat Germany’s Saarbrucken in four matches.  Bastian STEGER was the only player who scored for guests. In other matches...

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