European Rankings (August 2013)

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NoteSince 2006, ETTU has been using a computer ranking system for youth players. This system was used parallel to the ITTF World Rankings, and was used for nearly European youth events. In 2009, ETTU decided to switch to the U18 World rankings for the Junior Rankings. For the cadets, ETTU continued to use the European Ranking System temporarily until the World Cadet Rankings were ready to be used in European Cadet tournaments.

Since 2009, changes went rapidly. Now, nearly all cadet events played in Europe are included into the World Rankings. For these events, the World Rankings are used to make the seeding lists. The use of the European Cadet Rankings was reduced to the European Youth Championships and the Europe Youth Top 10. As the number of results from cadet events in the World Rankings increased, the accuracy of the World Rankings improved, and the difference between the World and European rankings became smaller.

From January 2012 on, ETTU started to use the World Rankings for the top 16 of the European Cadet Rankings. During the 2012/2013 season the reliability of the World Rankings for the lower ranked cadets kept getting better. 2013 is the first year that all events played in Europe that meet the terms for inclusion into the ITTF or ETTU rankings are included in both rankings. The quality of the World Cadet Rankings is now good enough, certainly for the top-100. 

Therefore ETTU decided in May 2013 that it is not useful anymore to use two different systems. The September Cadet Rankings are the first ones completely based on the World Rankings.

This means you will no longer see the separate files with the ranking details for the cadet boys and cadet girls on the ETTU website. You can find the details on the ITTF-site (put here a link to )

The number of players ranked in the September Cadet rankings is slightly smaller than on the previous rankings. The reason for this is that the European Cadet Ranking System only needed a result in a round of 128 in any event, or one match won against a top 100 player to get points. For the World Rankings, minimum 2 wins and 2 losses against ranked players are needed for a ranking. Therefore, some players ranked up to now are not ranked anymore. For most of them, this will be temporarily. As soon as they have enough wins and losses against ranked players, they will be back.