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Other Events - 22 Apr 2013

Another great camp in Ochsenhausen

In Ochsenhausen at LIEBHERR Masters College (LMC) and SPARKASSEN-TT-Leistungszentrum there are always international training camps of high quality, organized by the team of TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen and LMC. Today the one held from April 11 to April 20 fi

In Ochsenhausen at LIEBHERR Masters College (LMC) and SPARKASSEN-TT-Leistungszentrum there are always international training camps of high quality, organized by the team of TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen and LMC. Today the one held from April 11 to April 20 finished.

Whole French national team was there for one week in order to prepare for the World Championships in Paris. However not only French team was present; the full list of participants is very impressive: RYU Seung Min, Tiago APOLONIA, Kirill SKACHKOV, Liam PITCHFORD (all TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen), Adrien MATTENET, Emmanuel LEBESSON, Simon GAUZY, Quentin ROBINOT, Enzo ANGLES (France), Joao GERALDO, DIOGO Chen, and Jorge COSTA (Portugal). From LIEBHERR Masters College the students Jakub DYJAS (Poland), Yoshihiro OZAWA (Japan), and Dennis KLEIN (Germany) participated. “Special guest” was Natalia MOZLER, an 11 year old girl from Ochsenhausen, who is already playing 3rd women league successfully. The coaches were Dubravko SKORIC and Dmitrij MAZUNOV from Ochsenhausen, Michel BLONDEL und Stéphane HUCLIEZ from France, and Jimmy WANG (China).

Daniel ZWICKL, Sports manager of TTF LIEBHERR Ochsenhausen and LIEBHERR Masters College said : “We had again a fantastic week in Ochsenhausen at TTF and LMC. The French National Team with 5 players and 2 coaches made here their preparation for the World Championships in Paris, while the Portuguese Junior National Team was also presented with their best players and the very new LMC student Jakub DYJAS participated as well. The balance between senior players and young players were really good, moreover our preparation for the playoffs was intensified by these influences. The intensity, the concentration were very high, nevertheless everyone gave 100% day in and day out. We hope that all our guests improved and they will come back home with good memories. It is important to underline that our younger talents like 11 year old Natalia MOZLER or Dennis KLEIN from the region were also involved in the camp. It is a huge experience and learning process for them to see these great players around, gets a new impact about methods of practice and mental approach. Our philosophy is: We think Global but we act local as well. Concerning the Bundesliga team of TTF LIEBHERR Ochsenhausen I can say that we are ready for the playoff semi-final against Saarbrücken after this high level practices in the camp, especially with the French national players. The next LMC camp goes on next week with the Hungarian Junior National Team, the two Swedish talents Källberg and Ahlander, in addition Leonard SUSS from Germany comes as well. The week after the Belgium Team with their talents come, so the work goes fully on every single week!”

Michel BLONDEL (Headcoach France): “It was a very important week for us in terms of our preparation for Paris. Before we came here with MATTENET and GAUZY, while some other young players like ROBINOT, BROSSIER or HACHARD also visited Ochsenhausen for practice. However now we arrived with the full team including coach Stephene which was very vital to be able to work all together and have one week outside of France. It was a great week, long days in the hall, hard work with TTF team, therefore we are very satisfied and happy. We could prepare in the best circumstances, conditions and we made good steps towards the World Championships. We would like to thank the whole TTF and LMC team and stuff for their efforts and help and we wish them good luck for the semis in Bundesliga.”

Stéphane HUCLIEZ (Coach France): “We had training camps at other places like Düsseldorf before, but here we felt really at home and we could find the balance between hard group sessions and individual work. The leadership of the practice from Dubravko SKORIC was excellent; the players were working hard, so we are happy.”

Adrien MATTENET: “For me personally it was a very good week, because in Ochsenhausen I can work as much as I want, I can fully focus on myself. I had really long days, but I could do all I wanted to and very importantly the influence of Dubo was very helpful for me. He tells me only some small things, but these things help a lot for my game. Additionally I was very happy to spend a lot of time with the French Team together, like this we can create really team spirit.”

Quentin ROBINOT: “I find it also really great here. I can have good and long sessions with my coaches, while I could play with such great players like RYU and of course the young talents were pushing us also to give our bests.”


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