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Member Associations - 23 Mar 2016

Two titles for Lubomir PISTEJ


Last weekend at the Slovak National Championships in Bratislava Lubomir PISTEJ won the title for the sixth time in men's single, after he beat Peter Sereda in the final 4:2.


„ For several years, I have struggled at the Slovak Championships, whether of injuries or other factors. This year I really wanted to confirm my ranking position and long-term performance and that is why I am glad that I am able to clinch the title after several failures,“ said PISTEJ.


In the women single dominated Tatiana KUKULKOVÁ. She beated Dijana HOLOKOVA 4:3 in final match to claim first title.


Second title for Lubomír PISTEJ with Peter SEREDA was in men doubles. They overcame Kristian KOBES and BAI He. Eva JURKOVA with Dijana HOLOKOVA, beat Nikoleta PUCHOVANOVA and Simona HORVATHOVA. In the mixed doubles Samuel NOVOTA with Eva JURKOVA won the title. They defeated Dijana HOLOKOVA and Jakub FIGEL.



1.Pistej Lubomir
2.Sereda Tomas
3.Kobes Kristian, Bai He

1. Kukulkova Tatiana
2. Holokova Dijana
3. Jurkova Eva, Daubnerova Andrea

1. Pistej/Sereda
2. Kobes/Bai He
3. Kaluzny/Peter, Figel/Illas

1. Jurkova/Holokova
2. Horvathova/Puchovanova
3. Kukulkova/Labosova, Urikova/Furkova

1. Notovta/Jurkova
2. Figel/Holokiova
3. Slovacik/Daubnerova, Spanik/Kukulkova

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