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Member Associations - 18 Apr 2016

Outstanding record for LIU JIa

Austrian National Chanmpionships


18 years after her first singles title in Vienna, LIU Jia wins her 15th title in Women’s Singles again in the same city. In the final she beat LI Qiangbing.


Dominique PLATTNER clinched his first title in Men’s Singles. He beat Simon PFEFFER in the final.


After 12 titles with LIU Jia in Mixed Doubles since 1999, Bernhard KINZ-PRESSLMAYER wins again the title in same Event. This time with 16 year old Lena PROMBERGER. They beat in the final LI Qiangbing and Dominique PLATTNER.


For the first time in his career Bernhard KINZ-PRESSLMAYER also wins the title in Men’s Doubles with Simon PFEFFER. In the final they overcame Dominik HABESOHN and Mathias HABESOHN 3:0.


In Women’s Doubles LI Qiangbing wins the title with Jessica ZLATILOVA. Silver Medal goes to Victoria EHN and Melanie LUGINGER.


Men's Singles


1. Dominique PLATTNER (Oberösterreich)

2. Simon PFEFFER (Oberösterreich)

3. Christoph SIMONER (Steiermark)

3. Bernhard KINZ-PRESSLMAYER (Oberösterreich)


Women's Singles


1. LIU Jia (Oberösterreich)

2. LI Qiangbing (Kärnten)

3. Karoline MISCHEK (Wien)

3. Victoria EHN (Burgenland)


Men's Doubles


1. Bernhard KINZ-PRESSLMAYER / Simon PFEFFER (Oberösterreich)

2. Dominik HABESOHN / Mathias HABESOHN (Niederösterreich / Burgenland)

3. Dominique PLATTNER / Martin STORF (Oberösterreich)

3. Alexander CHEN / Andreas LEVENKO (Deutschland / Niederösterreich)


Women's Doubles



1. LI Qiangbing / Jessica ZLATILOVA (Kärnten / Niederösterreich)

2. Victoria EHN / Melanie LUGINGER (Burgenland / Salzburg)

3. Monika JURIC / Claudia SCHÄTZER (Burgenland / Steiermark)

3. Ines DIENDORFER / Lisa STORER (Niederösterreich / Steiermark)


Mixed Doubels


1. Lena PROMBERGER / Bernhard KINZ-PRESSLMAYER (Oberösterreich)

2. LI Qiangbing / Dominique PLATTNER (Kärnten / Oberösterreich)

3. Victoria EHN / Martin HEIMBERGER (Burgenland / Steiermark)

3. Jessica ZLATILOVA / Alexander CHEN (Niederösterreich / Deutschland)


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