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Development - 7 Sep 2015

The Women Table Tennis Coaches seminar gathers 22 coaches

The Women Table Tennis Coaches seminar of the European federation ETTU started today in WSA in Schwechat. Headed by the ETTU-Vice-President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA and coordinated and organized by the WSA-Women-Head coach Neven CEGNAR who is also ETTU Development Manager, not less than 22 coaches from 17 different countries participate at this top-class ETTU seminar.

The seminar will have two “special guests”. LI Xiaodong, Chinas highest table tennis head coach who will give a lecture regarding “footwork in modern table tennis”. The second special guest is Polona Cehovin SUSIN, the ITTF Director of Education and Training who will also give a presentation.

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