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European Veterans Championships - 3 Jul 2015

The action is where YI Ding is playing


Crowd just love to watch YI's matches

It is always easy to find where Austria’s YI Ding is playing. In large Expo Center, filled with 80 tables and hundred of players on duty at the same time, the most crowded area around the box is around the place where Austrian is fighting for points. 

Player who competed at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and he was also in Sydney in 2000, came in Tampere as crowned World’s Men’s Singles Over 50 champion, and winner of the silver medal at the previous edition of the European Championships. 

“I am very happy that I have the opportunity to play in Tampere. Finland has special place in my heart. People are very nice here. I used to play many time at the Finlandia open,” said YI Ding. 

On his way to the semis YI beat ALDVIK of Sweden, ZUEV of Russia, LINDMARK and HUSS of Sweden. He lost very few points, but said it was not that easy as the results predicts.

“The competition in my category is fierce. Swedes and Germas are very strong here.”

In the semi final Austrian will play against Miroslav CECAVA of Czech Republic, Dane Carsten EGEHOLT meets Matthias BLUHM of Germany. 

With Aleksei RODIN of Russia, YI is aiming another title, in Doubles. In Bremen they clinched bronze, whilst in New Zealand at World’s veterans Championships they succeeded to silver. 

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