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European Youth Championships - 14 Jul 2015

Russia’s cadet girls at the top of the Europe

Photo: Roman BENICKY

France suffered defeat in the thrilling final

Russia denied France of the first gold medal in Cadet Girls Teams Event at the European Youth Championships. In the final in Bratislava Russia reached 7th gold medal, 17th overall if we count the USSSR’s titles too. 

In first match, Europe’s no. one Maria TAYLAKOVA overcame Leili MOSTAFAVI, being posted at the position no. five at the rankings in four games. Leili had a good start, but TAYLAKOVA was at the top of the game after that. Anastasia KOLISH and Lucie GAUTHIER went full distance before KOLISH prevailed. In the doubles France was in the game again, but for short. It just prolonged the final victory of Russia won by TAYLAKOVA.

Being no. one brought great pressure to TAYLAKOVA, she admitted.

“I knew I had to win, because I am the leading player at the rankings. I was afraid. It is not easy to play under such pressure. Especially, it was hard for me since I lost against Leili MOSTAFAVI last time when we met in April at the French Open.”

Russia’s coach Sergey BRUZIN gave player boost of confidence.

“After I lost opening game, coach told me that he believed I could win. He said “C’mon Masha”. It gave me confidence and I did it. I thought it would be the same in the doubles, but we were not at the top of our game. Against Lucie GAUTHIER it was much easier.”

Anastasia KOLISH said it was not easy for her to play in the final.

“After Lucie GAUTHIER won opening set, I was afraid. Thanks from great support from the team I prevailed.”

Cadet Girls Teams Final

Russia – France 3:1 

Maria TAYLAKOVA - Leili MOSTAFAVI 3:1 (9:11, 11:6, 12:10, 11:5)

Anastasia KOLISH - Lucie GAUTHIER 3:2 (8:11, 11:8, 1:11, 11:7, 12:10)

Maria TAYLAKOVA, Anastasia KOLISH - Leili MOSTAFAVI, Lucie GAUTHIER 1:3 (13:11, 9:11, 7:11, 7:11)

Maria TAYLAKOVA - Lucie GAUTHIER 3:0 (11:8, 14:12, 11:8)


Gold Medal

Russia Kristina KAZANTSEVA, Anastasia KOLISH, Elina RUB, Maria TAYLAKOVA

Silver Medal


Bronze medal

Romania Andreea DRAGOMAN, Tania PLAIAN, Krisztina VARGA, Andreea HUDUSAN


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