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European Veterans Championships - 2 Jul 2015

Inge-Brigitte HERRMANN most interviewed player in the hall


94 years old lady started her playing career at age of 74

Inge-Brigitte HERRMANN of Germany is the oldest competitor at the European Veteran Championships in Tampere. She lost her matches against Mireille MIGEOTTE of Belgium and Gisela LANGEN of Germany, but she is the most interviued person in the hall.

«I love table tennis. It is my special hobby. I started to play at age of 74. At that time I joined the local club to be able to travel to competitions,» explained HERRMANN.

HERRMANN addmited the traveling is her greatest passion.

«Recently, I played in China, If there was no ping-pong, I will never visit that wonderfull country. I also enjoy being with the people who shares the same love for sport. Also table ennis makes me feel helthier.»

She still working, HERRMANN helps older people to use computers.

«Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed that I lost in straigh games. I was so releifed when I woke up and learn that it was only a dream.»

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