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Champions League Women - 10 Dec 2015

Magic moment for Metz TT

Photo: Courtesy Metz TT

„We are on the top of our group, which was almost unimaginable in the early season”, stated WU Jiaduo after ECLW Round 5 victory against Fenerbahce


Metz lives its magic moments in the 2015/16 ECLW, as it secured top spot of Group C one round before the ending of that stage, beating twice reigning ECLW champion Fenerbahce Sport Club. Last weekend they left Turkey with 3:2 victory, which was very significant result, as their special correspondent from istanbul Maxime RODHAIN emphasized in his article.


„It's great thing for the team, which showed a great game. My first match against Irene IVANCAN was important to enter the meeting in a nice way, as well as the last one which gave us victory”, stressed FU Yu who beat both, Irene IVANCAN and Elizabeta SAMARA.


The last game in the group stage Metz plays on December 18th, against Postas, at home. However both sides will not change their actual standings: French team will stay on the top, while Hungarian club finished as third placed.


Former individual European champion WU Jiaduo, who defeated actual gold medalist SAMARA, stated for the Metz website:


I thought that Elizabeta SAMARA would be in better shape than the first leg, when she just arrived from the European Championships. Now we are on the top spot in the group, which was almost unimaginable in the early season. It is very hard to beat Fenerbahce, the actual ECLW winner”.


Metz Coach Loïc BELGUISE added that it was significant victory for his team, playing against one of title pretenders and reigning champions.


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