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ETTU Cup Men - 26 Aug 2015

Second stage of the ETTU Cup in Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg and Croatia

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Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg and Croatia will host four groups in the second stage of the Men’s ETTU cup. The second round clashes are scheduled for 9th to 11th October.


In Netherlands Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo will host Belgium’s TTC Sokah Hoboken, Hungarian Floraton SZEGED AC Probart and A.S.D. Marcozzi from Italy.


Spanish Cajasur Priego TM will host Fortune –Kyiv from Ukraine, CS Mioveni from Romania and Rio Star Muttenz from Switzerland.


In Group C in Luxembourg will play: DT Diddeleng, Israel’s Yroni Givatayim, Portugal’s GDCS Juncal and Yalova Belediye G.S.K. from Turkey. Czech Republic’s El Nino EHW will travel to Croatia, where STK Libertas Marinkolor will organize the matches in Group D. Istanbul BBSK from Turkey and Irun Leka Enea from Spain will also play there.



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