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European Champions League Women


The European Champions League Women (ECLW) is the annual table tennis competition for the top European club teams organised by European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) which replaced European Club Cup of Champions (ECCC), the previous prominent club competition, since the 1998/99 season.

Hungarian club Statisztika Budapest still holds remarkable record, by winning the title 25 times, from 1969/70 to 2000/01 season. They were on the top 11 consecutive seasons (1976-86). Romanian Vointa Arad was the winner of the inaugural 1963/64 season.

The competition came into a new era in 2005/06, when the European Champions League Women started.

Just five clubs – Heerlen (Netherlands), Castelgoffredo (Italy), Linz AG Froschberg (Austria), Berlin Eastside (Germany) and Fenerbahce Istanbul (Turkey) – have clinched the title so far. Berlin is unique triple champion (2011/12, 2013/14, 2015/16).

The event did not take place in 2010/11.

In 2013/14, eight clubs competed for the title, among them two past champions Linz and Berlin Eastside and two former finalists, SVS Ströck and Budaörsi 2i SC. Top seed and newcomer Fenerbahce Sport Club was considered as favorite for the crown, but Berlin took its second ECLW title (3:2 at home, 3:0 away win). The champions coach was Irina PALINA and players SHAN Xiaona, Irene IVANCAN, Georgina POTA and Kristin SILBEREISEN.

In the 2014/15 season again the top eight European clubs competed, as Fenerbahce Istanbul went down in the history as the very first Turkish club with the ECLW crown. Istanbul’s team (WU Yang, JIA Wen, Irene IVANCAN, Elisabeta SAMARA) had a perfect 10-0 score within the season. In the final games they beat twice Linz AG Froschberg.

Twelve participants have competed in the 2015/16 season, as TTC Berlin Eastside reached one more title, beating in the finals KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg. German champion won all its 10 games during the season, becoming the very first club with three ECLW crowns. SHAN Xiaona achieved the best individual score (13-1).




Year Winner Runner-up
2015/2016 TTC Berlin Eastside (GER) KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg (POL)
2014/2015 Fenerbahce (TUR) Linz AG Froschberg (AUT)
2013/2014         TTC Berlin Eastside (GER)                  Fenerbahce Sport Club (TUR)
2012/2013 Linz AG Froschberg (AUT) Budaorsi 2i SC (HUN)
2011/2012 Eastside Berlin (GER) SVS Strock (AUT)
2010/2011 Cancelled  
2009/2010 MF Services Heerlen (NED) Linz AG Froschberg (AUT)
2008/2009 Linz AG Froschberg (AUT) FSV Kroppach (GER)
2007/2008 MF Services Heerlen (NED) FSV Kroppach (GER)
2006/2007 Sterilgarda Castelgoffredo (ITA) MF Services Heerlen (NED)
2005/2006 Sterilgarda Castelgoffredo (ITA) Mullermilch Langweld (GER)



Year Winner Runner-up
2004/2005         Mullermilch Langweid (GER) Statisztika PSC Budapest (HUN)
2003/2004 Mullermilch Langweid (GER) ASKO Erdgas Froschberg (AUT)
2002/2003 FSV Kroppach 1919 e.V (GER) Sterilgarda TT Castel Goffredo (ITA)
2001/2002 Henk ten Hoor DTK (NED) FC Langweid (GER)
2000/2001 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) FC Langweid (GER)
1999/2000 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) FC Langweid (GER)
1998/1999 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) “Teltwolt” Tarnobrzeg (POL)
1997/1998 Team Galaxis Lubeck (GER) Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN)
1996/1997  FC Langweid (GER) Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN)
1995/1996 Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN) TSG Dulmen (GER)
1994/1995 Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN) TSG Dulmen (GER)
1993/1994 Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN) Spvg Steinhagen (GER)
1992/1993 Spvg Steinhagen (GER) Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN)
1991/1992 Spvg Steinhagen (GER) Statisztika Metalloglobus Budapest (HUN)
1990/1991 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) BSE Budapest (HUN)
1989/1990 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Trade Unions Moscow (URS)
1988/1989 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Spartak Vlasim (TCH)
1987/1988 Spartak Vlasim (TCH) Avanti Hazerswoude (HOL)
1986/1987 Avanti Hazerswoude (HOL) Spartak Vlasim (TCH)
1985/1986 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Tolnai Voros Lobogo (HUN)
1984/1985 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Tolnai Voros Lobogo (HUN)
1983/1984 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Tolnai Voros Lobogo (HUN)
1982/1983 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Mladost Zagreb (YUG)
1981/1982 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Tolnai Voros Lobogo (HUN)
1980/1981 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Varbergs BTK (SWE)
1979/1980 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Tolnai Voros Lobogo (HUN)
1978/1979 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) CS Arad (ROM)
1977/1978 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Spartak Vlasim (TCH)
1976/1977 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Varbergs DTK (SWE)
1975/1976 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Sparta Praha (TCH)
1974/1975 Sparta Praha (TCH) Varbergs DTK (SWE)
1973/1974 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Gainsford (ENG)
1972/1973 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Start Praha (TCH)
1971/1972 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Start Praha (TCH)
1970/1971 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Start Praha (TCH)
1969/1970 Statisztika Budapest (HUN) Start Praha (TCH)
1968/1969 BSG Aussenhandel (GDR) Ferenkvarosi Torna (HUN)
1967/1968 BSG Aussenhandel (GDR) Sparta Praha (TCH)
1966/1967 Progressul (ROM) Sparta Praha (TCH)
1965/1966 DTC Kaiserberg (FRG) Voros Meteor (HUN)
1964/1965 Vointa Arad (ROM) DTC Kaiserberg (FRG)
1963/1964 Vointa Arad (ROM) Voros Meteor (HUN)


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