New system in cadet rankings

Tuesday, 10 Sep 18:09 2013

by EWT

The European Youth Rankings for September 2013 are now available. Major changes are made to the system of the Cadet Rankings. Click here for further information and the complete rankings.

However this month situation at the very top is unchanged. Tristan FLORE of France still holds the top of the junior list whilst his compatriot Enzo ANGLES is still at position no. two. Jakub DYAS of Poland is at the spot no. three. Romania’s Bernadette SZOCS is still the leading name in Junior Girls Rankings, Nina MITTELHAM of Germany is second and Lea RAKOVAC is third.

In Cadet boys category Alexandre CASSIN of France is number one, Maxim CHAPLYGIN of Russia is second and Andreas LIND of Denmark is third. Marie MIGOT of France is listed at position no. 1 in cadet Girls Rankings, Adina DIACONU of Romania is second and Maria MALANINA of Russia is at position no. three.