Tristan FLORE the new-old champion

Sunday, 22 Jul 16:12 2012

The new-old champion of the Junior Boys Singles Event at the STRÖCK European Youth Championships is Tristan FLORE of France. In full distance match he beat compatriot Simon GAUZY at the final hurdle and denied him of only title that is missing in his treasury from the Youth championships.

FLORE was three games to one down before he recovered to win the match and to underline once gain the great success of French team. French young players are so far adjusted to play their matches in closing stages, without guidance from the bench. As it is usual thing, when two players from same country play against each other there were no coaches around the playing box and that is the picture that we saw many times in the last day of the European Youth Championships. From the semi final French boys were on their own.

In semis Simon GAUZY overcame Enzo ANGLES and as always we heard how hard it is to play against teammate. “We are in the same training center, practicing together and we played against each other so many times. I really had to be on my best to beat him. I played best match at the tournament so far to succeed,” said GAUZY.

Tristan FLORE accounted at Antoine HACHARD in the penultimate stage.

“When you play with each other every day and when you are so good friend with someone it is extremely hard to play important match like this. We know each others weak points and how to use it. In each set only ball or two decided about the outcome. On top of all my injury prevented me of coming in top shape here, so I struggled a lot,” said FLORE.

(by Milica NIKOLIC, EWT)


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Photo: Tristan FLORE (Photo Lomaev)